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Is this make-up printer bringing down the $55 billion make-up industry?


”We’re going to live in a world where you can take a picture of your friends’
lipstick and print it out.”

– Grace Choi


A Harvard business student has recently developed a 3D make-up printer that can be
used at home with the capability of printing out actual make-up products. Just simply
copy a color of the shade you would like to have and then print out the product.



Watch the video below to see the student herself (Grace Choi) demonstrate how it works.



I love her attitude and confidence! I think we’ve got another Steve Jobs here called Grace Choi.
Personally I think it’s a revolutionary invention and I can’t think of many reasons why it
couldn’t bring down the make-up industry.





Would I purchase it? It depends on the quality. When she applied the swatches on her
hand, the color wasn’t very vibrant. I doubt that formula, texture, quality of the base &
pigment are as good as professional make-up products but I’m sure something can be
developed to increase the quality of the product. If I would be 100% sure that it’s high
quality, hell yeah I would buy it! As a make-up artist or make-up addict you never have
enough colors!

I also think it’s an amazing idea for teenagers to use (which are her targeted market) to
experiment with make-up without it costing a fortune.

The Mink Printer costs $300 and it can be used on any computer and it works the exact
same way as a normal printer.


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