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Is this the best foundation ever? Tried & tested!

I first found out about this foundation during my last trip to London. I quickly walked into Topshop on Oxford street, I saw these foundations and swatched them on my hand. I loved the texture and coverage so much but I was in such a hurry that I didn’t have enough time to purchase these. So, I ordered all of the shades online for myself and for in my kit and I absolutely LOVE these foundations!

On one side of the picture I’m wearing 2 layers of the foundation + concealer. On the other side my skin is completely bare a part from moisturiser. I’ve already tried these foundations on myself several times + on my clients. After the first few times of testing them out I was already impressed by the coverage but, now that I see one side bare and the other side with foundation, I realise how much it actually color corrects my skin. For the record, I haven’t photoshopped anything in the picture or smoothened out my skin. If you look closely you’ll find lots of open pores and fine lines, other than that it’s just really the foundation doing its job.


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It offers a medium coverage and its build able to full coverage however, on my own skin it offers a full coverage (it depends on the amount of blemishes you have). The foundation also color corrects the skin impressively well. It has a matte finish but I do recommend to set it in with a powder if you have an oily skin, in the image I haven’t used a setting powder.

It feels insanely light weighted! As if I’m wearing absolutely nothing on my face, not even a moisturiser that’s how light weighted they are. Another great thing about the formula is that it doesn’t contain SPF in it which makes it completely safe to use under strong lighting and flash lighting.


Swatches from left to right: #F100 | #F200 | #F300 | #F400 | #F500

The shade that I’m using on myself is the middle one #F300. Surprisingly it matches my complexion perfectly without mixing it with other shades (which occurs a lot).


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So far, to me this is the perfect foundation. I haven’t found a foundation yet that’s similar or better than the EX1 Cosmetics ones. I think this foundation can be perfect if you want to hide acne scars/blemishes but without too much effort. The price is very reasonable too, they retail for £12.50 each which is a bargain for this kind of quality. Click here to view the website and click here to purchase them online.



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  2. hello girl !
    I didn’t know about this brand but that foundation looks amazing ! I found you while looking for the clinique chubby sticks, and I really do not regret, love your blog:)
    Have a nice day gorgeous

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