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Is this the perfect scent for Ramadan?

You think you’ve seen it all with Jo Malone until out of nowhere they drop the most luxurious collection of colognes with each individual scent being completely different from another. The “Rare Tea” collection features colognes that are inspired by, you guessed it… Tea.  Not ordinary tea but from Japanese foothills to China to the Himalayas and for the first time; infused straight from the leaf into refined fragrances. Rare Teas Collection - Line up The “Rare Tea” collection comes in 6 different blends:

Silver Needle Tea
Softest Silver Needle Tea. Delicately floral, supple and velvety. Grown in the lush valleys of Fujian, China. For centuries a delicacy reserved for the imperial family. Each silver tip handpicked at dawn, then dried in the warmth of the rising sun. Enriched with opulent rose. Tender with sage. Enveloping with musk. A glistening, romantic rare tea infusion.

Jade Leaf Tea
Vivid Jade Leaf Tea. The smoothest of all the fine Japanese sencha teas. Bright new buds, grown in the cool sea breeze of the southern island of Kyushu. Steamed to preserve their distinct green colour and flavour. Bracing with a note of pomelo. Textured with sesame. Herbacious with mate leaf. A crisp, invigorating rare tea infusion.

Darjeeling Tea
Radiant Darjeeling Tea. Richly floral with an exotic sweetness. Found high in the foothills of the Himalayas. Vibrant spring buds grown on the steepest slopes among mountain mists. Luminous with jasmine. Cool with freesia. Enticing with an apricot note of Indian davana. A heady, sublime rare tea infusion.

Oolong Tea
Delectable Oolong Tea. Rounded with a buttery softness. Grown in the rolling mountains. Handpicked, dried on bamboo and heated for a precious woody elegance. Withered, curled and twisted. Perfectly formed. Rich with bitter cocoa and almondy tonka bean. Earthy with hay. Sweet with tobacco leaf. A cocooning, creamy rare tea infusion.

Golden Needle Tea
Magnetic Golden Needle Tea. Notes of leather and spice in the air. The warm wooden interior of Chinese tea houses in the cloud-veiled mountains of Yunnan. Handpicked and withered to a deep, burning gold. Smooth with sandalwood. Addictive with glowing benzoin resin. A dark, mysterious rare tea infusion.

Midnight Black Tea
Carnal Midnight Black Tea. Deeply seductive. Intrinsically exotic. The most precious puerh from China’s Yunnan province, matured for a sensual intensity. Sun-drenched tea leaves, ever more intoxicating with time. Oriental with vanilla absolute. Amber rich with labdanum. Smoky with guaiac wood. A rich, alluring rare tea infusion.


IMG_6173  IMG_6181

Midnight Black Tea
The cologne contains three notes only; Labdanum, Vanilla Absolute and Guaiac Wood. The scent is described as deeply seductive, intrinsically exotic with just a hint of floral sweetness.

Interesting fact: It is infused for 100 hours. The longer the tea was infused, the more round, soft and sensual the scent became.

The reason why I picture this as the perfect scent for Ramadan is because of it’s woody notes which people in this region are known for wearing a lot. I’m personally not very fond of strong or woody fragrances which I was expecting this cologne to be when I first read about it. But the touch of vanilla and that hint of floral sweetness makes it creamy and very wearable for me. The more I smell it, the more addicted I become to this cologne! It’s far from being an ordinary woody scent and the name “Rare Tea” definitely does its justice. All in all, its a beautiful and non dominating fragrance to wear during Suhoor gatherings in Ramadan.

*Price: Rare Teas Cologne 175ml  1415 AED  / $340


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