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January Beauty Favourites 2016

As we’re approaching the end of 2016’s first month, I’ve lined up some of my favourite new and existing beauty products that I’ve been using through out January.


NARS “Cheek Palette” Blame it on NARS
#Satellite of Love (highlighting blush)  |  #Casino (bronzer)
#Day Dream (Blush)                                 |  #New Attitude (blush)

This palette features some of NARS’s most popular blushers and bronzers. Having different options in one small compact palette, is great for travel and it comes with a small “ITA” kabuki brush.

Bioderma “Solution Micellaire” (make-up remover)
I stopped using this for so long that I forgot how amazing it is. Its so good, I even clean my brushes with it. Especially those that I use to apply moisturisers or primers with because they tend to be more difficult to clean. Now, I’m hooked again!

Tom Ford “Liptick”  //  #Sunset Blvd

Since I became a blond, I’ve been really into orange lipsticks – it goes so well with the blond hair! This shade by Tom Ford is one of my favourites at the moment, its orange but not too flashy.

IMG_3193  IMG_3189
NARS x Steven Klein “Killer Shine Lipstick”

This shade reminds me so much of NARS’s lipgloss from last year’s holiday collection. It was my favourite lipgloss and once I accidentally dropped it and it shattered on the floor (I cried when it happened, no joke!). Not only because I’m a drama queen and it was my favourite gloss, but because it was a limited edition and the collection wasn’t available anymore. So, when I tried this lipstick I was thrilled! The shades are very similar, the only difference is that it isn’t glossy.

#Besame Mucho
It can be challenging finding the perfect nude lipstick that matches your complexion. I finally found my perfect nude that doesn’t need a brown lipliner to match my skin tone.

#No Shame
I’m not sure if I like the lipstick more or the name of it. Either way, gorgeous shade with a rich pigmentation.


IMG_3194  IMG_3190
NARS x Steven Klein “Lip Gloss”  //  #Fast Life & #Provoke

There aren’t many words I can find to describe these 2 glosses. They’re simply stunning!

Estee Lauder “Little Black Liner” & Clarins “Instense Black Liner”
When it comes to my personal make-up looks, I don’t wear a winged liner very often. For my clients  its always good to have a few good eyeliners in my kit. I think these 2 liners by Estee Lauder and Clarins are great! Both are equally sharp and intense in colour.
NARS x Steven Klein “Dual Intensity Blush” #Vengeful
I Always look forward to new NARS eyeshadows, its always a surprise to see what they’re coming out with. Its a blush and highlighter in one and OMG they’re so good- very pigmented!

NARS x Steven Klein “Dual Intensity Blush” #Stud
I strongly believe that this eyeshadow was created especially for me. Its literally my favourite eyeshadow colour in life! It has the right amount of shimmer and the ashy-champagne shade is just perfect!

Sally Hansen “Miracle Gel Top Coat”
Finding a good top coat is almost like finding a good hair dresser. You keep trying different ones until you’ve found the perfect one where you stay loyal to. I was very impressed by this top coat by Sally Hansen, the quality is very impressive – almost salon-like.

OPI Nail Lacquer #A Great Opera-tunity
Lately I’ve been really into natural nail colours and this peachy shade has been my favourite one at the moment.



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