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JULY Favourites!



I know, I know.. It’s already August but I still want to share my favourite products from
July. As a make-up addict I’m always on the look out for the best products and I’m
excited to share with you some pretty cool products! 😉




Estee Lauder ”Pure Color Lipstick” (Lasting Creme) in #73 SCARLET SIREN


Estee Lauder ”Pure Color Lipstick” (Lasting Creme) in #60 FUCHSIA FEVER

These must be the PRETTIEST lipsticks I’ve ever had! So far I’ve been using these
lipsticks on many of my clients and it seems like everyone is loving it. They’re highly
pigmented, one swap will give you a full coverage. I love the richness of the colours and
the creamy finishing. The lipsticks last forever! About 8 hours and they leave a stain
however, the stain can be easily removed with make-up remover. The red shade is my
absolute favourite!



Estee Lauder ”Bronze Goddess” in #04 DEEP

Ok, hands down for one of the BEST bronzer EVER!!! I’m not exaggerating, this bronzer
is tha BOMB! The bronzer has a matte finishing without shimmers, big plus! It’s highly
pigmented, just a tiny amount is needed which means –> it’ll last you longer. It doesn’t
fade away after a while it stays exactly where it’s suppose to stay. Not to mention the
amazing brush where you can create a beautiful contoured look with. The brush fits
right into it’s box so no need to carry a separate brush in your purse.



IMG_5228     IMG_5254
Sally Hansen ”Satin Glam” in #06 TEAL TULLE & #08 SILK ONYX

I’m obsessed with these new nail colours by Sally Hansen. The nail colours contain
shimmers and it offers a matte finish, if you prefer a glossy finishing simply add a top
coat. With these nail colours you can create super cool nail arts by playing with matte
and glossy finishing!





This lipgloss is one of NARS’ best sellers since Kim Kardashian is known for wearing
this particular shade a lot. I love the nudity of the gloss with a wash of babypink, I
always keep it in my purse and carry it with me wherever I go. I usually wear it on top
of a nude lipstick to create plump lips!



photo 1 photo 2
Sephora ”Velvet Eyeshadow” in #05 SUBTLE GRAY




Lately I’m very much into brown smokey eye looks. I love this creamy eyeshadow by
Sephora, it’s very easy to use when you’re in a hurry (which I am all the time). It has a lot
of shimmers in it so I usually only apply it in the centre of my eyelid and blend a little
bit of a matte brown eyeshadow along the crease. Even though it’s mentioned in the
shade number that it’s a Subtle Gray, it looks brown combined with the matte brown
eyeshadow on my crease.


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