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JUNE Favorites!

My June favorites are beautiful colorful products perfect for summer! These are the products I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks and I want to share with you guys why I’ve selected these products as my June favorites!


Estee Lauder ”Perfecting Loose Powder” in #MEDIUM

Summer is all about powders! Try to skip as much liquid face products as possible.
With the heat and humidity the liquid products won’t do any good for your skin and
it’ll melt anyways, no matter how good your primer is. For the past few weeks I’ve been
using this loose powder by Estee Lauder. Usually I wear a powder foundation but on
really hot days I replace it by using this loose powder. It offers a very sheer coverage
and it has a matte finish, not to mention how light weighted it feels on the skin. On top
of the loose powder I apply my bronzer and blush and everything else I want to wear
that day.

Price: 212,- AED  |  $53,-


MAC X Proenza Schouler ”Lipstick” in #MANGROVE

This lipstick is just WOW! Extremely vibrant, full coverage and it lasts forever! Usually
bright colors (especially orange) doesn’t suit me unless I’m tanned. I’ve got a decent tan
now so I’m ready to rock this lipstick all summer!

Price: 80,- AED  |  $22,-


Clinique ”Long last soft matte lipstick” in #51 MATTE PLUM

When I saw this shade for the first time I was afraid that it would be too purple. But
once I tried it, it was quite sheer which made it look pinkish. I love wearing this shade to
change it up sometimes. The Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks are super hydrating and
moisturizing also, they’re allergy tested and 100% fragrance free!

Price: 55,- AED  |  $15,-


Clinique ”Long last soft matte lipstick” in #47 MATTE PEONY

This shade does offer a full coverage. The creamy texture glides on the lips while
applying. How pretty is this shade?! Perfect for Summer!

Price: 55,- AED  |  $15,-



Guerlain ”Terra Tropica” Sunlight Duo Bronzing Powder (Face & Décolleté)

If there’s a brand that knows how to make glowy bronzers, it’s Guerlain. They recently
launched the Terra Tropica Sunlight Duo Bronzing Powder which can be used on the face,
neck and décolleté. On days where my skin looks a bit pale and needs some color, I like
to use this bronzer. It gives a beautiful sun kissed skin as if I just came from the beach.

Price: 265,- AED  |  $72,-



IMG_4047 IMG_4048 IMG_4061
SEPHORA Collection ”Nail Laquers” in #L89,  #L87 & #Matte effect

I love Sephora nail laquers! Their color range is wide and they’ve added 7 new colors to
the collection for Summer! They’ve also added a Matte Finish nail laquer which can be
used to create fun nail art. I love these pretty shades and they’re perfect to wear in

Price: 33,- AED  |  $9,-



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