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Look of the day: Meetings all day


Happy Friday, wishing everyone a great weekend ahead. Can you believe it’s almost 2018? Time passes so quickly!

Last week  I wore this look on a day full of meetings, sometimes I’m a bit clueless what I should wear to formal meetings without looking too official and formal, so I kept it a bit casual and simple. Find out more outfit details below.


It was a bit hot on this day so I wanted to make sure that the clothes were made from a thin fabric. This nude top I’m wearing is very comfortable and the material is so nice, I have it in 4 different colors. The bag is also from Zara which I got a year ago in Amsterdam. I got these boots ages ago from H&M and I still love them and wear them regularly. I usually like wearing lots of accessories and jewelry but I kept it very minimal with this look. I paired this look with a long, black blazer from Forever 21.

Below you’ll find a few items that are similar to my actual outfit.


look-outfit-chic-meetings-informal-fashionable-nude-top-ray-ban-curly-hair-striped-pants-plexi-bag-zara-shadows-dubai-sunny-uae-middle-east-blogger-stylelook-outfit-chic-meetings-informal-fashionable-nude-top-ray-ban-curly-hair-striped-pants-plexi-bag-zara-shadows-dubai-sunny-uae-middle-east-blogger-style  look-outfit-chic-meetings-informal-fashionable-nude-top-ray-ban-curly-hair-striped-pants-plexi-bag-zara-shadows-dubai-sunny-uae-middle-east-blogger-stylelook-outfit-chic-meetings-informal-fashionable-nude-top-ray-ban-curly-hair-striped-pants-plexi-bag-zara-shadows-dubai-sunny-uae-middle-east-blogger-stylelook-outfit-chic-meetings-informal-fashionable-nude-top-ray-ban-curly-hair-striped-pants-plexi-bag-zara-shadows-dubai-sunny-uae-middle-east-blogger-stylelook-outfit-chic-meetings-informal-fashionable-nude-top-ray-ban-curly-hair-striped-pants-plexi-bag-zara-shadows-dubai-sunny-uae-middle-east-blogger-style

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