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Make-up essentials I CAN’T live without!

These are my make-up essentials that I absolutely cannot live without!


Beauty blender
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I use the Beauty blender to apply my foundation & concealer and the finish is just stunning! For some reason my foundation feels much lighter on my skin when I applying it with the Beauty blender instead of a foundation brush. My skin looks airbrushed and not cakey at all! All my clients love it as well when I use it on them. You can find the Beauty blender at BACKSTAGE.



Dolce & Gabbana ‘The brush’ (blush)

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I always wear a bronzer on my cheeks and I love the blush brush by D&G! It blends the bronzer beautifully with my skin and I always have it with me wherever I go!



M.A.C Painterly Paint Pot Primer
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I can’t wear eye make-up without applying the M.A.C Painterly Paint Pot first! I use it on clients, models, on myself and I always recommend my friends and family to use this primer. My eye make-up lasts SUPER long! It doesn’t smudge or crease plus the texture of the primer makes it easier to blend your eyeshadow!



Besame | Crimson Cream Rouge
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I love using the Besame Cream Rouge on my cheeks! I look healthy and glowy when I’m wearing it. Powder blushes usually don’t last that long, this cream rouge lasts all-day-long!! Plus you just need a tiny amount since it’s highly pigmented. The great thing is that you can use it as a lip stain as well. You can find the Cream Rouge at BACKSTAGE.



MAKE UP FOR EVER | Brow Corrector
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I can’t leave the house without filling in my eyebrows first! Since I have an oily skin I prefer to use waterproof products so I love the fact that the Brow Corrector is waterproof! You have to work fast though when applying it because it dries very fast.



Lip Smackers

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I have a lip smacker literally in every corner of my house and in every bag I own! They smell SO good and it’s super moisturizing plus it has a glossy finish. I haven’t seen the Lip Smackers in Dubai yet but if I do, I will let you guys know! 🙂



Max Factor | Creme Puff

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I usually use the Creme puff under my eyes to prevent my concealer from smudging or creasing and it works amazing! I use it on my clients as well. No matter how oily your skin is, this works! You can also use it on the rest of your face to prevent it from shining.



MAKE UP FOR EVER | Sculpting Kit Bronzer
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This is by far my favorite bronzer ever! The shade is just perfect and it suits a lot of women their skin tone! You can use the lighter shade to highlight for a glowy look. I use it when I’m tanned, pale or whatever.. I love it!




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