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MAKE UP FOR EVER launches new range of primers

MAKE UP FOR EVER has been renewing all of their products in the past year. We’ve seen the new brushes, the new range of eyeliners and an entire new collection of eyeshadows. This time, the brand has renewed their primers which means the previous ones will be discontinued. I almost freaked out when I heard that the HD Hydrating Serum would be discontinued because it works like magic on my clients that have a super dry skin. Apparently, the product that’s replacing the serum will be even better!

I haven’t tried these new primers yet because I’m still super attached to the older ones however, below you will find the purpose of each primer.



– 1. Mattifying Primer  //  Your solution for unwanted shine. This colorless, shine-protecting primer ensures instantly and lastingly mattified skin.

– 2. Smoothing Primer  //  A star in the STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER primers range. This satiny, non-oily formula is used for uneven skin with large pores, making the skin even with refined pores and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

– 3. Hydrating Primer  //  Dehydrated skin often looks dull and tired. The H2O Complex in this primer boosts and refreshes the skin immediately making it supple, fresh and healthy.

– 4. Nourishing Primer  //  It’s creamy texture provides nourishment into a dry and dehydrated skin that lacks nutrition to restore its elasticity, for a moisturized and repaired skin.


Price: 165 AED  //  $44 (each)

Available at MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques from 1st of March 2015.



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