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Make-up session with Layla Shugri for MAKE UP FOR EVER



Last week I had a make-up session with Layla Shugri.

Layla is the designer of the luxury handbag brand LYA LYA (which is a big hit in the Middle East). She has
won the ‘Best young Talent Award’ at the Arab Woman’s Awards in 2012. And Layla has also been chosen
as one of the most ‘Hot 100 people in Dubai’ in Ahlan magazine recently.

Since Layla likes to keep her make-up look very simple and minimum, I tried to keep it as natural as
possible yet different from what she’s used to.

All the products I used on Layla were by one of my favorite brands MAKE UP FOR EVER.



– Full cover Camouflage cream
– Mat Velvet + Foundation
– Uplight Gel Luminizer #11 Dewy
– Sculpting blush #12 Matte
– Sculpting kit (bronzer)

– Long Wear Eyelid Primer
– Matte Eye shadow #29 Chocolate
– Iridescent Eye shadow #122
  Metallic Copper
– Iridescent Eye shadow #25
  Pearly Orange
– Shimmery Eye shadow #10
  Yellow Gold
– Aqua Eyes pencil #2L Pearly
– Smokey Lash Mascara
(extra black)
– Single eyelashes #155

– Rouge Artist Intense #22 Satin
– Vinyl Effect Pluming Lipgloss






The foundation I used is great if you have an oily skin because it mattifies. Layla has an oily skin so this
foundation was perfect for her. I used the bronzer of the sculpting kit to contour her face a little bit. I’ve
contoured her nose, forehead, cheeks and jawline.

I’m absolutely in love with the nude lipstick. The coverage is amazing. The lipstick is matte and if you want
to add some shine to it, you can apply a transparent gloss on top of it.


IMG_3757 IMG_3772

On the left picture you can really see the glow on her cheekbone. I love using glowy products because
it adds freshness to the face and it makes you look younger. The best area’s to apply glow without it looking
oily is on the cheekbones, temples, bridge of your nose, chin and around the lips.

On the eyes I kept the brown smokey eyes a bit toned down by applying lighter toned eyeshadow on the
beginning of the eyelid. Also, I’ve highlighted the inner corners of her eyes by using a gold shimmery
eyeshadow. It brightens the eyes and it makes the eye make-up look less heavy.

The Individual lashes look super natural! Individual lashes are THE lashes to use on people that aren’t
used to full lashes. It adds volume to the lashes but it still looks natural and you will never notice that it’s
artificial plus it feels very light on the eyes.


IMG_3769 IMG_3789

Layla and I always have a lot of fun when working together LOL!


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