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MARC JACOBS Make-up, is it worth the hype?

So I finally got my hands on the MARC JACOBS make-up collection! I was SO excited about it when I saw the pictures online because it looked very appealing to me. Is it worth the hype? find out more below!


photo 2
MARC JACOBS Remedy Concealer Pen in #1 RENDEZVOUS

The first thing I thought when I tried the concealer on my hands was; ‘Yeah right, like this is going to cover up my bags’. The texture felt too thin and liquidy! But once I tried it, it really covered up my dark circles and it brightened my under eyes!


photo 3
MARC JACOBS Super Charged Foundation in #34 BEIGE MEDIUM GENIUS GEL

I had a similar situation with the foundation. When I applied it on my face, I didn’t like it at all! I felt like it looked cakey. This is something I always tell my clients; Never judge a product or a make-up until it has molded into the skin!! Once a product or make-up look is still fresh it can look different after 30 minutes because it needs some time to mold into the skin. That’s what happened with the foundation. After about 20 minutes, I absolutely loved the foundation! It looked super natural and it gave me this stunning glow in my face. It also feels super light weighted! The foundation does have a medium to sheer coverage, which was enough for my skin!


photo 4
MARC JACOBS Shameless Bold Blush in #216 REBELLIOUS

I’ve got nothing much to say about the blush other than it’s amazing! Super highly pigmented, gorgeous color and a very small amount is needed to get bright healthy cheeks! Love!


photo 5
MARC JACOBS Plush Eye Shadow in #204 THE STARLET

photo 1   photo 2

photo 1   photo 5

This eye shadow palette is one of a kind! I’ve never seen a ‘high end’ make-up brand that makes SUPER highly pigmented eyeshadows! I only find that in professional make-up brands so I was really stunned by this. When I take pictures of eyeshadow swatches I usually mix it with water so that the color really shows in the pictures. I used the ‘Marc Jacobs’ eyeshadow dry to test it out first and I was really surprised by the intensity of the shades. The shades also have a full cover which is amazing! The eyeshadows have a shimmery finish and I love the fact that there are so many (7!) shades in one palette.


MARC JACOBS Lash Lifter Mascara in #20 BLACQUER

 photo 3    photo 4

I’m not too excited about the mascara. The texture was very sticky and it didn’t give my lashes any volume or length and it dried very fast which made it impossible to double coat it otherwise it would’ve looked clumpy. I’m a bit surprised though that the mascara is so disappointing since the rest of the products are absolutely stunning with great quality! I do think that this is something personal and it might work amazing on some one else.


photo 2

photo 4    photo 3
Magic Marc’er in #BLACQUER

I love, love, love this eyeliner! It’s super black so 1 swap is more then enough. It’s easy to work with and the brush is very sharp. This makes it super easy to create sharp lines or points!


photo 1

IMG_6675    IMG_6680
MARC JACOBS Lust for Laquer lipgloss in #206 FAME  &  #210 BOOM BOOM

The lip glosses are lovely! The shades are beautiful, high pigmented, long lasting and they really plump the lips!


Love this nail color! It’s a nude shade with a grey undertone and it has very tiny pink shimmers in it. I did double coat it but a single coat looks nice as well.


photo 4        photo 3

photo 3        photo 2


is it worth the hype?
I say YES! There’s so much choice in shades whether you’re looking for a foundation, blush or lipstick. The quality is just amazing. I have to say that for a ‘fashion brand’ that launches a make-up line for the first time, they did an amazing job! I love the collection even though there are a few min points but again, this is something personal.

Marc Jacobs make-up is available now at all Sephora stores!



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