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Review: Which mascara is a HIT or MISS!?


This week I got a few new mascara’s so I decided to test them all out and share my
opinion about it. My upper lashes are super short so I usually judge a mascara by what
it does to my bottom lashes. Find out below which mascara is a HIT or MISS!



ESTEE LAUDER ”Sumptuous Infinite”


Product control: Good

Application: Very easy, after just one swap I got fuller and longer lashes. I love the
brush, it reaches the short hairs very easily.

Removable: It’s a little bit hard to remove. I used make-up wipes and the mascara
smudged all over my lid and under my eyes. After a few minutes of trying to rubbing it
off, I finally was able to remove the product from my eyes. That’s the only down side I
faced with this mascara.

Conclusion: HIT!



BOBBI BROWN ”Everything Mascara”


Product control: Very good

Application: The product control is very good so a few swipes is needed to cover the
lashes completely. The mascara volumizes the lashes but on a very natural way so It
took me a bit longer to get the end result. This mascara is perfect if you want to go for a
very natural look.

Removable: Super easy to remove! After wiping it once the product is removed
without smudging or rubbing the eyes.

Conclusion: HIT!



BOURJOIS ”Volume 1 seconde Mascara”


Product control: Good

Application: Generally speaking I really like Bourjois mascara’s especially for a
drugstore brand! When I saw the brush of this mascara I wasn’t too sure if I would like
it because there was just too much going on, on the brush. After trying it out I loved it!!
The mascara gave my lashes a nice and full volume, It was easy to apply and it didn’t
get clumpy at all.

Removable: Easy

Conclusion: HIT!



MIKYAJY ”22k Playful False Lash Mascara”


Product control: Average

Application: It did curl my lashes but it didn’t volumized my lashes which is
something I look for when using a mascara. It was a bit clumpy and it tried quickly
which made it hard to apply a second coat. I do like the brush and it’s easy to reach the
small hairs. I also do believe that if you’ve got naturally long lashes that it can look
really nice but since I’ve got short lashes, I need a mascara to plum it up!

Removable: It was a little bit hard to remove. It smudged all around my eye, although
it was easier to remove then the Estee Lauder mascara.

Conclusion: MISS!



CLINIQUE ”High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara”


Product control: Bad

Application: I’m a little bit disappointed in this mascara because I was really excited to
try it out and I had high expectations of it. Applying the mascara was a bit difficult and
after applying a few swaps, my lashes didn’t curl or lengthened. Also, my lashes were
kind of lost, as you can see in the image the hairs went all different directions. I didn’t
feel like it made my lashes stronger, rather very weak.

Removable: Easy to remove using make-up wipes

Conclusion: As much as I love the brand, this mascara is a MISS!



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