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MAY Favorites!


I can’t believe tomorrow it’s June already! It’s unbelievable how time flies so quickly!

This month I’ve been using a few products which I’m very happy with and I wanted to
share those products!



– MAC Cosmetics ”Mineralize Rich Lipstick” in #SO GOOD
– MAC Cosmetics ”Mineralize Lip Glass” in #VIBRANT VIBE


photo 2


MAC Cosmetics ”Mineralize Rich Lipstick” in #SO GOOD
These products are from MAC’s Mineralize collection which should be launched this
month across the Middle East. The lipstick has a creamy texture and finishing. The
color is highly pigmented and it gives a full coverage. It also leaves a stain behind. The
shade is gorgeous and it looks amazing with a tan on. The lipstick is available be in 6
different shades.


photo 1


MAC Cosmetics ”Mineralize Lip Glass” in #VIBRANT VIBE
This lipgloss reminds me a lot of the SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipgloss. It has a
glassy finishing and the texture is liquidy. The lipgloss has a sheer to medium coverage
and it gives an nice plump to the lips. The lip glass comes in 14 different shades.


Molton Brown ”Replenishing Hand Cream”
Just for your information, I think I’ve got OCD and I can’t stand germs so I wash my
hands about 50 times a day (no joke). Because I wash my hands so much, they become
dry very quickly. I keep this bottle of hand lotion in my bathroom and use it after
washing my hands. It smells soooo delicious and it moisturizes my hands instantly.


Molton Brown ”Enriching Hand Lotion”
I carry this small tube of hand lotion in my purse so that I can use it after washing my
hands in public restrooms 🙂

Molton Brown products are available in the new section of Mall of the Emirates.


SK-II ”Facial Treatment Essence”
Nothing comes in between me and my Facial Treatment Essence! I’ve been using this
lotion the most from all the SK-II products I have. I can safely say that it’s making my
skin look younger. No wonder Asians never age! (FYI It’s a brand that’s pretty popular in
I try to use the lotion as much as possible, about twice a day (everyday).

A few weeks ago I posted a blogpost about SK-II products and what they do, if you
would like to understand the brand and concept a bit more click HERE to view the


NeuLASH ”Lash Enhancing Serum”
The NeuLASH is basically a serum that stimulates the growth of the lashes. The serum
should be applied at the roots of the lashes before going to bed for 30 days. I’ve been
using the NeuLASH serum on and off for about 2 weeks. I could already see a difference
within a week! It really does grow my lashes longer and thicker! I can’t wait to see the
results after a month. If my lashes will continue growing in the next few weeks, I’ll
definitely continue on using the serum.

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