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My must haves from TOM FORD make-up!


I’ve been drooling over these products for over a week now and I couldn’t resist making a cool
video about it! In this post I’ll be showing you my must have’s from TOM FORD’s make-up






These creamy textures and vibrant colors are by far my favorite prestige lipsticks ever! Just one
swap offers a full coverage to the lips. The pink and burgundy shade leave a hell of a stain behind
after removing it, not that it bothers me in any way but it’s good to be aware of it. I’m in love with
the shade; ‘In the buff’! It’s a slightly frosty neutral beige shade with a hint of gold shimmers. This
shade would look absolutely stunning as a natural nude beige for dark skin complexions.

The top two shades (‘In the buff’ & ‘Incorrigible’) are from TOM FORD’s Spring Collection 2014
which is a limited edition!





IMG_2976    IMG_2970

The Eye Color Quad eye shadows varies from matte to shimmery and metallic finish. I am so
overwhelmed by how stunning these eyeshadows are. The shimmery shades are GORGEOUS! It’s
a sparkly with a glittery, metallic finish. They are so shimmery that it almost looks wet. I usually
create a wet look by using all kinds of tools and products while this eyeshadow gives an instant wet
look with just one swap.

You can use the eyeshadows wet or dry depending on how vibrant you like the color to be. I will
definitely create some looks using the eyeshadow palettes and share these on my blog. I think
these eyeshadow’s are definitely worth to try and not to mention the luxurious packaging! For a
prestige brand, the packaging of these products are quite light weighted.




IMG_2811  IMG_2960
TOM FORD ‘Illuminating Highlight Pen’ in #02 LAVENDER VOILE & #05 NAKED BISQUE

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I’m a glowy/shimmer addict, so when I tried out
these highlighting pens I was in heaven! By using the illuminating highlight pens you can enhance,
contour or diminish your features! The range. The range includes eight matte shades and eight
shimmery shades.

The Lavender Voile is a shimmery highlight, it catches the light and brings focus to the cheekbones
and eyes while the Naked Bisque has a matte finish and acts as a skin-priming concealers to cover
up blemishes and shadows.




TOM FORD ‘Nail Lacquer’ in #03 CORAL BEACH

Coral Beach is a medium orange coral with a glossy finish. By applying two layers you will have a
full coverage. It’s an absolute stunning shade to wear in summer If you’re not into flashy colors. So
far I’ve been wearing this nail color for 3 days in a row with hardly any cracks… Of course I also top
coated them!

The ‘Coral Beach’ Nail Lacquer is from TOM FORD’s Spring Collection 2014 which is a limited

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