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Must try matte lipsticks for Summer!

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with matte lipsticks… Especially when they offer a full and long lasting coverage, perfect for Summer! This time I tried out the matte lipsticks from WOW by Wojooh which is a Middle Eastern based cosmetics brand. They’ve recently added 6 new matte lipsticks to their ”Lipstuck” collection and they are irresistible!



Wow By Wojooh Lipstuck- Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer- Entire Collection - Open
……Full ”Lipstuck” collection by WOW by Wojooh. A total of 14 shades available.


IMG_7921 IMG_7927
IMG_7879 IMG_7938 IMG_7885 IMG_7895 IMG_7908 IMG_7915

#110 Sand Storm   |  #230 Sugar Tan
#510 Pink Poem    |  #530 Oud Rose
#550 Pink Orient  |  #640 Purple Essence
#680 Royal Plum  |  #450 Chili Fever

As much as I like being tanned, #110 & #510 makes my skin look very dark (and not in a pretty way). Obviously these shades don’t work for me. I would personally use #510 to bleach and cover up eyebrows because of it’s pigmentation. It’s definitely a positive thing that it’s extremely pigmented, just not in this shade – at least not for my complexion. I absolutely love the darker shades! Especially the two purple colours, who knew I would ever love purple lipsticks on me! And #530 is to die for! One of the most beautiful rosewoody lipsticks I’ve ever tried.

The brush is easy to use and you can precisely line the lips without requiring a lip liner. The lipsticks offer a full coverage with a matte finish. The longtevetiy is about 5/6 hours, this however varys per person. De darker shades dry down into a lip stain. They’re very affordable considering the quality.

It feels a bit drying to the lips so I do recommend using a lip balm on top from time to time. If you’re medium/dark skin toned, stay away from the lighter shades! Since it has a full coverage, chances are big that it may look like as if you just bit into a powdered sugar donut! (not cute)

*Price: 85 AED each


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