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My 4 weeks Dreamtone Challenge!

Last month Lancome has launched a new serum called DreamTone. The DreamTone treats the lack of evenness and pigmentation marks in the face. The PR team of Lancome Middle East has challenged me to use their new serum ‘DreamTone’ for 4 weeks to see if I would achieve results. I used the DreamTone twice a day (morning & evening) for 4 weeks and I took a picture of myself every week to see the process of my skin tone getting better.



The great thing about the DreamTone is that it can be used for all skin types. The DreamTone
comes in 3 different shades:

#1 Fair; whose major specific concern is a tendency to redness.
#2 Medium; whose specific ‘color’ disorder is a tendency towards a sallow skin.
#3 Dark; whose skin that tend to show blemish marks.

First of all I want to say that I’m not feeling comfortable AT ALL by sharing unretouched images of
myself without make-up and terrible skin! I look terrifying on the pictures but I’m doing it to help
women that want to get rid of uneven skin tones.

After the challenge I must say that I’m very impressed by the DreamTone. I’ve got a very
problematic skin and a lot of serums and creams don’t work for my skin (even medical products
sometimes). I suggest to use the product twice a day every day of the week to achieve
results!! If you’re using it once a week or just a few times a week, you will definitely not see any
results. If you start using it, take it seriously 😉 To achieve even better results, apply the DreamTone
before your day dream and night cream.

We all have a different skin type so I believe that the DreamTone challenge can turn out differently
on everyone. But the fact that it worked for me says a lot about the product since a lot of products
don’t work for my skin.


Week 1                                                                        Week 2
IMG_6384  IMG_6737

Week 3                                                                        Week 4
IMG_7303  IMG_7277

I’m very happy with the results after the 4th week. I still have some redness here and there but I
can honestly say that my skin tone has improved! The DreamTone has made my skin tone more
even and the redness has reduced. I used the DreamTone for 4 weeks but I do recommend
people to use it for 2 months or longer to achieve better results. Even though I did the challenge
and I’ve seen that the product has worked for me, I will still continue to using the DreamTone to
achieve even better results. Looking back at the pictures from the past 4 weeks I noticed that I
need to start working on my tan because I’m getting paler by the week lol! I’m pretty sure that my skin would look even more amazing if I would be tanned, it’s just that the imperfections in my skin are showing clearly now because I’m pale.

I don’t like to wear foundation every day because it doesn’t allow my skin to breath. I’m even attending events without wearing foundation (which I never did before). I’ve had compliments from people about my skin and they were even asking me which foundation I’m wearing because it looked nice and natural while I wasn’t wearing foundation!


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