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My experience at Tony El Mendelek’s hair salon

I get a tons of questions with regards to my blond hair. How I maintain it, if it was very damaging to my hair, if I get breakage etc etc. I feel like I talk so much about my new blond hair color but I still get a ton of questions about it. I recently had my roots done and a little bit of color correction at Tony El Mendelek’s salon here in Dubai.

I’ve had my hair done by so many hair stylists and hair colorists in the past, but I was highly, HIGHLY impressed by Tony El Mendelek’s team. If you aren’t familiar with Tony’s work, he’s a celebrity hair stylist from Lebanon and has worked with some of the biggest A-list Arab celebrities such as; Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Nancy Ajram and Myriam Fares just to name a few. He recently opened his first salon in Dubai, which is located inside the St Regis hotel downtown.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset  Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
My hair was colored by Fares and Zack. It was quite a long process, I needed to get rid of the black roots by doing highlights (which takes forever), I had some orange tones in my hair which needed to become icy blonde… and my hair was very damaged from all the bleaching I’ve done so I needed to get the shine back. For the first time I’ve seen someone using cotton instead of foil during the colouring process. Apparently this is more gentle and less damaging to the hair, especially when bleaching it.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset  Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The result
I’ve never thought that my hair would ever look this shiny right after bleaching but it did so I was very impressed by that. Also, the color came out way better than I even had in mind so I was on cloud 9 after it was done.

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For me, I find it difficult sometimes to find a hairdresser that knows how to take care of my type of hair texture. I either find someone that’s great in coloring but has no idea on how to keep my hair healthy nor blow dry it because of the thick texture. Or I find someone that knows how to blow-dry it but is way too aggressive to my hair and treats it similarly to thick, frizzy African hair – which my hair is not even close to.

But, the team at Tony Mendelek’s salon managed to deliver both skills on high quality. It was a long process but it was so worth it. Almost a month and a half after having my hair colored, it hasn’t gone orange or dull – the color is till exactly the same as I left the salon. It’s hard to find a hairdresser that you can fully trust when it comes to treatments, coloring or styling so I’m definitely coming back! Ususlly I’m very anxious when I’m coloring my hair because I know how damaging it’s going to be and how much it’s going to harm my hair. I had the strong impression that the team at Tony El Mendelek’s salon knew what they were doing so I felt very much in good hands.

Will I go back? Definitely! Once you find a good hair dresser, never let go!



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  1. pam says

    hello beautiful , just a question how much you paid for your hair ? nice color by the way 🙂

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