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My favorite product of the week! M.A.C paint pot primers


My favorite product of the week is the 'Paint Pot' eye primers by M.A.C. So far I've tried so many primers
and the paint pot's are the only ones I really like.

Since I've got a super oily skin, I need to wear a primer before applying eyeshadow. This is to prevent
the eyeshadow from creasing. It's not only for those with an oily skin but for any skin types. I always
use it on all my clients to make sure their make-up will stay long lasted.

mac paintpot

The primer also makes the eyeshadow colors more fibre on the eyelid. When wearing the paint pot
primer you can apply any type of eyeshadow cheap or expensive whether it is from H&M or Dior!
Why? Because it increases the quality of the eyeshadow.

If you're not very skilled in applying make-up but you want to learn, this primer is the first step
towards the right direction 😉

And if you don't like the natural color of your eyelid and the shade of the primer is a bit similar to your
skin tone, you can even wear the primer when not wearing eyeshadow. It gives your eyelids a
matte finish and neat look. Add a bit of concealer on your brow bones for a natural looking highlight and
you're done!