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My favorite product of the week! MAX FACTOR 'Creme Puff'

fav product creme puff

My favorite product of the week is the Max Factor 'Creme Puff' powder!

Under the eyes is the most common area where people their make-up smudges. After applying my concealer,
I set it using this creme puff. My concealer will never smudge when I'm wearing the 'Cream Puff'. You can also
use it to set in your foundation for those who've got an oily skin like I do.

This is a product I definitely can't live without! Not only for myself but also for my clients or on a photo shoot.
Usually during a photo shoot, the concealer is always the part that I have to touch up constantly! By using the
'Creme Puff' it'll save me a lot of time and work.

The 'Creme Puff' is available in different shades: