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My favourite nudes!

The only nudes I need in my life! It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of nude/earthy toned make-up products, so I figured, why not share my favourite nudes!

When it comes to lipsticks, nude shades with a frosty finishing are definitely my favourite type of lipsticks to wear. Not only does it plump up my lips but it also adds that freshness to my face. I’ve lined up two of my favourite nude lipsticks and four favourite lip glosses.

IMG_9978  IMG_2846
Gucci // Magnolia Pink                                  MAC // Touch the Earth

Hands down to the prettiest nude lipsticks I have used in a long time! They both add enough sparkle to the lips and both offer a medium to full coverage. This is my first ever Gucci lipstick and so far I’m really impressed by the quality of it. The frosty baby pink shade is exactly how I like my nude lipsticks to be. The MAC lipstick is from the new Mineralize collection. The taupe/light brown shade can be a bit too dark for a nude lipstick depending on your complexion, but you can definitely play around with it by wearing it with a rosewood lipliner or with a baby pink gloss on top.


IMG_2814  IMG_2794
Max Factor // #15 Radian Rose                     NARS // Soleil D’Orient

Max Factor: This lipgloss adds more coverage than what it looks like in the picture. It’s a pretty baby pink/nude shade and it contains a little bit of shimmers but it’s not too noticeable.

NARS: I think I’ve talked about this lipgloss about 20 times now on my blog & social media because it’s absolutely beautiful! The picture doesn’t even do justice of how pretty and sparkly this gloss is.. ughh! Unfortunately it’s from last year’s  Holiday collection which was a limited edition and I really regret for not purchasing like 50 of these! When I’m tanned I like to wear the gloss on it’s own, and when I’m pale I usually wear it with a brown lipliner otherwise it looks too strong. I’m still on the hunt to find a lipgloss that’s similar to this one so that when I run out, I’ll have a back up 😉


IMG_2805 IMG_0031
Rimmel // #700 Skinny Dipping                   NARS // Guyane

Rimmel: This lipstick/lipgloss reminds me so much of the Aqua Rouge by MAKE UP FOR EVER. The texture of the lipstick is almost the same and on the other side of the lipstick it contains a lip balm instead of a gloss. If you wait too long before applying the balm, the lips may look cracked so the balm has to be applied a few seconds after applying the lipstick.

NARS: This lipgloss is everything! It offers the right amount of colour, it has a medium coverage and it lasts for-ev-er!! I do wear a thick layer when I’m wearing this gloss and it doesn’t fully disappears after eating or drinking. I love the texture because it moisturises my lips and it’s non-sticky. The shade is almost similar to NARS Turkish Delight just a little lighter.


Estee Lauder  //  Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow #Ivory Power

The first time I tried out this eyeshadow palette I was in awe of how pigmented the shades are. I’m super tanned at the moment and the lightest shades still offer a full coverage on my skin. I love the fact that the palette offers a matte, satin and frosty eyeshadows.

Price: $79  //  290 AED


NARS  //  Spring 2015 Color Collection (limited edition)

You can never really go wrong with NARS products, can you? I’m loving these new eyeshadows and blusher from their Spring 2015 collection. The entire collection contains only nude products.  The past 3 years many brands usually launch a colourful collection for the Spring season so it’s nice to see something different for a change.

St-Paul-de-Venice (eyeshadow duo): This eyeshadow duo contains a shimmery nectarine shade and a matte chestnut shade. Both shades offer a sheer to medium coverage. I like to use the nectarine shade as a highlighter for dark complexions, looks beautiful!

Valhalla: Super pretty peachy eyeshadow with a frosty/shimmery finish.

Reckless: A pink shimmery blush with a sheer coverage. Contains a lot of shimmers in it and I personally like to use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones.


Estee Lauder  //  Pure Color Envy Nail Laqcuer #04 Dark Desire

Okay, it’s not really a nude shade but it’s on the edge of being nude so therefore it’s in the ”nude” range ;). I’ve been wearing this nail colour quite a lot lately. It offers a full coverage from the first swipe however, I always prefer to double coat nail colours just in case. The nail colour dries up quite fast and it has this matte/satiny finish to it.

Price: $29  //  105 AED



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