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My holiday beauty essentials!

Sunburns, mosquito bites and salty water. Sounds horrible but I’m loving it! I’m currently on vacation in Thailand and I’m having a blast! I’m so amazed by it’s stunning nature! A beach vacation is fun and relaxing but it takes a lot of work to keep your skin healthy so here are my essentials during my holiday:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIMG_1025My holiday beauty essentials



I have to admit, I don’t always use a sunblock in Dubai just because I’m too greedy to get a tan (I know, I know it’s very bad). But in Thailand I’ve got no choice! Even though I’m used to the Middle Eastern sun, the sun in Thailand is much stronger… You can get a sunburn here in no time!

During the day I use a sunblock by Garnier ”Protection Spray 12hr Moisturation” all over my body with SPF 15. I chose not to use a higher SPF because I still want to get a tan. On my face I use Bioderma ”Photoderm Face Sunblock SPF 30” . To cool off my skin at night I like to cover myself up with Garnier ”Refreshing After Sun” and it certainly feels refreshing!


Vinegar Bottle
Bye, bye sunburn!.. Believe it or not, but Vinegar treats sunburns. Even though I use sunblock during the day, the sun in Thailand is extremely strong which makes it hard to prevent getting a sunburn (unless you stay out of the sun the entire day). Every night before I go to bed I apply white vinegar on the area’s where the chance is bigger to get a sunburn which is on my shoulders and nose. The next day it’s gone! No redness or burned skin. It also prevents the skin from peeling. I don’t think I can make it through any holiday without it, the vinegar has definitely saved me the last couple of days and it works every time!



I use Guerlain’s ”Blanc de Perle Cleansing Foam” every night to cleanse my face. It has tiny white pearls in it, it’s almost like a scrub (I’ll post a full review about it soon). Afterwards I like to cover up my face with LA MER ”the moisturizing gel cream” to give my skin the chance to recover from all the heat during the day!



Okay, I’m the biggest perfume addict! I can’t go anywhere without having a perfume with me. Most of the time I use two different fragrances per day. I use the Chanel ”CHANCE Eau Tendre” during the day and Yves Saint Laurent ”Manifesto l’Elixir” at night. I carry the small ”See by CHLOE” bottle in my bag just in case.



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