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My stay + review in the Maldives

Last month, Ryadh and I traveled to Maldives for the first time. It was our 5th year wedding anniversary so we really wanted to go somewhere special and what perfect place to spend your wedding anniversary than in Maldives?

I posted a travel video as well of my Maldives trip so if you haven’t check it out yet then click here and make sure to subscribe to my channel as well! To see any of my Instagram travel posts, make sure to check out #NajlaTravels. The resort we stayed at was the “Adaaran Prestige Vadoo”. I’ve been receiving a lot of interest on Snapchat about the resort so here’s my feedback of my stay at the resort.


Honeymoon villas


All villa’s at the resort are water villa’s: four honeymoon villa’s and the rest vary from sunrise, sunset and Japanese villa’s.


Our villa, the “Japanese villa”


We stayed at the “Sunrise villa” for 2 days and the other 2 days we stayed at the “Japanese villa”. Both villa’s are very similar except for the interior. I liked the interior and bathroom of the Japanese villa better, but the sea view is in my opinion much better at the “Sunrise villa”. This is apparently also the best villa to see the sunrise however, I never got to experience that because I never got up that early 😛  The rooms all have these small details in the bedroom and bathroom where you can see the sea below you which is pretty cool.


View from the “Japanese villa”



Public pool
This pool is located on the island itself and it’s the main “public” pool that all guests have acces to. It’s not huge and it’s also located in the shadows so it’s not an ideal place to tan.


Private pool
Each villa has its own little pool on the deck outside with a stunning ocean view. It’s secluded from all other villas so it’s great if you want to swim in your own privacy. You can also take the stairs down into the sea to swim & snorkel. Ryadh and I mainly spent the days at our own private pool and in the sea. This is also where we would have our breakfast every morning.



On all the days we stayed at the resort, we had our breakfast on the deck outside. The view is so beautiful and its very peaceful in the morning. There’s an option to have a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast with egg hoppers and fish curry, it’s Ryadh’s favorite dish so he had that every morning. For me it was a bit challenging to order breakfast because there aren’t many dairy & gluten free options. The only options for me was to have a fruit platter and a salad with smoked salmon so I had that for breakfast every day.


View from the “Sunrise villa”




Kithajima Restaurant (Japanese)
This restaurant was great but the dishes are the same everyday. There’s a custom set menu that includes sashimi (phenomenal sashimi!), sushi, miso soup and for the main course you’ll get: rice, veggies and a choice of seafood, chicken or lamb chops. The set menu, changes every other day so instead of having chicken for your main course, you’ll get lamb. The food was great but it gets boring after two days.

Farivalhu Restaurant (main restaurant)
I personally didn’t like this restaurant at all, not the food or the service. I once ordered a lamb soup and I literally received a bowl of hot water with lamb stock: no vegetables, no meat, nothing! It comes off as cheap, stingy and uncreative. There’s very little to no options for dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan dishes and the quality of the food is very basic, standard mass hotel/buffet food.


Beach bar
A part from the room, this was our favorite spot to “chill”. From 5.30pm onwards, you’ll get the perfect view of the sharks and after that there’s a beautiful sunset. We would spend almost the entire evening here sipping on virgin coladas and watch the sun go down.

Overall service: I think that the resort needs to work on the service at their restaurants. The majority of the staff wasn’t very friendly or welcoming. They strongly give you the feeling as if they don’t want to be there and you’re just an annoying guest to them. The staff gives a very strong impression that they don’t want to serve you. I could be sitting at the beach bar or restaurant and no one would come up to me to hand a menu or take my order. There were a handful of staff members that were very friendly and helpful but it still didn’t make up for the rest.

Sunset view from the beach bar



– Everyday at 5.30 you can see and feed sharks, stingrays and other tropical fishes. This is really exciting to watch, I loved seeing the sharks swimming (from a distance)
– It’s recommended to not swim in the sea after 5.30 pm
– Watersports available: scuba diving, paddle boarding, dolphins watching,


The sea has a lot of coral reefs so it’s perfect for snorkeling. We saw so many beautiful and colorful fishes swimming in the water. During the day it’s completely safe to swim in the water, there are no sharks or sting rays.


When staying at the water villas you’ll get a butler appointed to you for 24 hours a day. Our butler, Reji was phenomenal and he really helped to make our stay easy and enjoyable. We couldn’t ask for a better butler, he was very friendly, super helpful and he really went out of his way to assist us with anything.


Additional comments

– We arrived at the resort at 7am, but our room wasn’t ready so we had to wait until 12pm, which was very exhausting and disappointing after a long journey (especially when the resort is aware of the time of arrival). When we changed from the Sunrise villa to the Japanese villa, our room wasn’t ready so we had to get out of our “Sunrise villa” and spend a half day without a room at the resort. Resorts need to become flexible with this.

– During our stay there was very loud music on the resort (4 days in a row) until about 12 to 1am. Maldives doesn’t seem like the “party” destination to me so I was quite surprised that they did have loud music on the resort. Also, I’m not sure if guests actually went to that outdoor “club”. That was a bit disturbing so we were forced to stay up because the music was too loud to be able to sleep.

– Expect a lot of Korean and Chinese groups of tourist in Maldives. This is a huge market for the Maldives. There are even special Chinese dishes on the menu’s.



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