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NARS SS’15 make-up looks from New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again… Fashion week has started! Which means new make-up trends are also being showcased on the runways. The NARS make-up artists have created some stunning looks with a fresh, flawless and glowing skin as the main focus.



SHOW: Phillip Lim SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Francelle Daly for NARS Cosmetics
LOOK: ”My inspiration is sensuality; the way the morning lights hits you as you wake up in
your bedroom, with sensual skin beaming with rays of light. I highlighted the cheek bones, high
planes of the face and the bridge of the nose to accentuate and bring out that glow in each girl.”

NARS_3.1_Phillip Lim_SS15 (23) NARS_3.1_Phillip Lim_SS15_Beauty look 1

NARS_3.1_Phillip Lim_SS15_Beauty look 2

NARS_3.1_Phillip Lim_SS15 (27) NARS_3.1_Phillip Lim_SS15 (8)



SHOW: Alexander Wang SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics
LOOK: ”Strong and energetic – the look is clean with moisturised skin paired with accentuated
highlighting and contouring to bring out the strength of the girl’s features.”

NARS_Alexander Wang_SS15 (37)

NARS_Alexander Wang_SS15_Beauty look 10 NARS_Alexander Wang_SS15_Face Chart 2

NARS_Alexander Wang_SS15 (22)



SHOW: Rachel Comey SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Hannah Murray for NARS Cosmetics
LOOK: ”Effortless handsome beauty. The brows are defined in a boyish, uncomplicated fashion
and the lips are hydrated with balm”.

NARS_Rachel Comey_SS15_Beauty look 1 NARS_Rachel Comey_SS15_Beauty look 2

NARS_Rachel Comey_SS15(9)



SHOW: Rag & Bone SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Gucci Westman for NARS Cosmetics
LOOK: ”This look is effortless, aspirational and chic while still feeling luxurious and cool. The
face is feminine and fresh with subtle monochromatic tones complimented by a bitten looking

NARS_Rag & Bone_SS15 (28) NARS_Rag & Bone_SS15_Facechart (2)

NARS_Rag & Bone_SS15 (17) NARS_Rag & Bone_SS15 (1)



SHOW: Tanya Taylor SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Uzo, NARS International Lead Makeup Stylist
LOOK: ”The Tanya Taylor woman is always crisp, fresh and bold. She loves a surprise and
appreciates the unexpected. Her make-up mirrors that expression again this season with
classically radiant and highlighted skin combined with a shockingly bright orange-red lip.”

NARS_Tanya Taylor_SS15 (12)

NARS_Tanya Taylor_SS15_Beauty look 1 NARS_Tanya Taylor_SS15_Facechart 2

NARS_Tanya Taylor_SS15 (1)



SHOW: Thakoon SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics
LOOK: ”The inspiration for the collection is the artist, Paul Gauguin. Thakoon wanted the girls
to appear as if they were coming out of water, so the beauty look is all about the gloss on the
eyelid and brushed up into the brow. Less is more.”

NARS_Thakoon_SS15 (14) NARS_Thakoon_SS15 (3)

NARS_Thakoon_SS15 (8)

NARS_Thakoon_SS15 (5) NARS_Thakoon_SS15_Beauty look 1



SHOW: Marc Jacobs SS’15
LEAD ARTIST: Francois Nars, Founder & Creative Director
LOOK: “The look for the show features no make-up – we only applied moisturizer. With Marc
we always take it to the extreme, we’ve done bold looks in the past, but this season we wanted to
make a statement by not applying anything.

This goes back to one of the looks that I’ve always loved – bare skin, nothing on the face, lips or
eye, just beautiful skin – I love makeup but I also love seeing women without makeup. To me, it’s
a great way to show fashion.  It works so well with the clothes and the hair. Who knows, maybe
next season we will go back to a full face of makeup. I love having the flexibility to do this, we are
not locked into applying makeup. I like the idea that what you see is what you get.”


NARS_Marc_Jacobs_SS15_select_8 NARS_Marc_Jacobs_SS15_select_5



SHOW: Rodarte
LEAD ARTIST: James Kaliardos for NARS Cosmetics
LOOK: ”The Spring 2015 makeup is inspired by the idea of a beautiful, fresh face – youthful
and vibrant.”

NARS_Rodarte_SS15_select_4 (11) 

NARS_Rodarte_SS15_select_4 (12)

NARS_Rodarte_SS15_face_chart_2 NARS_Rodarte_SS15_select_4 (31)



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