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Natural beauty & health recipes I’ve learned in Sri Lanka

During my recent trip to Sri Lanka, I visited many places and I’ve seen a lot for such a short period of time. One of the places that I visited was a herbal garden. I’ve learned so much about herbs & plants and how to cure certain things by simply using natural ingredients.

It’s always good to know the purpose of each herbal. I personally believe that natural ingredients can sometimes be more powerful and effective than a lot of processed products. Therefore I think it’s very important to know what the purpose is of each natural ingredient and to continuously educate ourselves. I’ve lined up some natural beauty and health ingredients that I’ve learned during my time in Sri Lanka.


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King Coconut Oil
Most of us just grab any coconut oil we can find in the store to use for our hair (including me). According to the owner of the herbal garden I visited, King Coconut Oil is the most effective oil to use for our hair instead of the coconut oil that should be used for cooking only. I find regular coconut oil already effective; imagine what King Coconut oil would do. Not only does King Coconut Oil nourishes the hair, it also keeps the natural hair color bright and lively.

Red Coconut Oil
Can be used as a conditioner for shiny and smooth hair.



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Almond cream
Great to use as a night cream to reduce wrinkles and remove fine lines.

Removes dark circles under the eyes. You can mix it with your favorite eye cream and use it daily before going to bed.



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Is a natural mosquito repellant that can be used all over the body.

Aloe Vera
Used as an after sun to cool off the skin and prevents the skin from peeling. The gel can be used directly from the plant, to your body or face.

Can be used as a body lotion, removes any pigmentation spots.

Sandalwood Oil
– Natural deodorant
– Soothes dry skin
– Removes body acne

Jasmine, Rose, Lotus & Frangipani
Can be used as a natural perfume, bath supplement or as laundry detergent.


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Lady Tonic (ashokaristaya)
Cures menstruation pain and improves the feminine health.
Dosage: 2 tablespoons 3 times a day for 4 days.

Needra Oil
Believe it or not, but it cures insomnia. Massage Needra oil on the scalp and temples before going to bed and it’ll help you fall asleep instantly. Make sure to wash it out of your hair the next morning.

Helps to beat the flu and gets rid of sore throat.

Cinnamon oil
Is highly effective against shivering cold, ear pain and bad breath.

By eating pineapple regularly, it can help to reduce cellulite on the body. However, it’ll only be effective if you live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly.


This is the herbal garden that I’ve visited in Sri Lanka, it’s located just outside Kandy:



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