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Why you need Jamaican black castor oil to save your hair line



As someone who likes to try out different hairstyles and hair colors, it can take a toll on my hair including my baby hairs/edges. I’ve never really had much baby hairs to begin with but I noticed how much it decreases when I try different hair styles, especially with braids!


Last year, wearing box braids

Last year I had box braids done and they were so tight along my hairline that my edges really suffered from that. After reading a lot about Jamaican castor oil, I HAD to try it out for myself. I’ve been religiously using the Jamaican castor oil for about 3 months now and I can happily say that it has definitely saved my edges!

So many people online had been raving about it and once I was ready to ordered it, I was shocked at how affordable this “magic” oil is! On their website it retails from $8 depending on the size. Here in the UAE I bought it for 35 AED which is $9,50. You’re probably wondering why this Jamaican castor oil is darker than regular castor oil… The reason behind that is because the castor seeds are being roasted during the process. Then, the roasted ash that remains from the process is added into the oil taking it from its original yellowish color to a darker variation. The smell is quite different too, it smells slightly burnt because of the roasted seeds.


Benefits of Jamaican black castor oil:

  • Increases hair growth
  • Thickens hair that’s starting to thin out
  • Reduces & prevents hair damage
  • Eliminates dry hair
  • Adds volume and shine to the hair
  • Deeply conditions & moisturizes the hair and scalp
  • Prevents dry scalp
  • Boosts your hair’s overall health

How to use it:

Everyone has their own way of using the oil but the way I’ve been using it goes as followed. Every night after my skincare routine, I apply the oil along my hairline and mainly focussing on the problematic areas. Then, I massage the oil on those areas until the product starts to dissolve. It doesnt get any easier than that, I repeat this process every single night. You can also massage the oil on your entire scalp, or you can apply it on split ends – it can also be used on the eyebrows or lashes to boost growth. It really depends on your hair needs. The oil can be used on both men and women.



  1. Sharon says

    Hi ! Just happened to pass by your blog.. Love all you posts!. Can you tell me where this is available in the UAE?

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