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New Dior Addict lipsticks!

The first Dior Addict Lipstick was created in 2001, ever since, the brand has been continuously improving the quality of it. With Jennifer Lawrence as the face of Dior, the brand has added four new shades to their Dior Addict glitter range. And she’s rocking my favourite shade of the collection in the campaign images. This makes a total of 35 shades varying from Glow, Flash and Glitter textures. The new improved and more futuristic version of the original Dior Addict Lipstick is an easy to wear, light weighted, sheer coverage lipstick that is irresistible for every make-up addict!

The four lipstick colours were inspired from existing Dior nail varnish shades; #Tribale, #Smile, #Wonderful and #Be Dior

F000355588_F39_150_RVB     F000355552_F39_150_RVB      F000355868_F39_150_RVB       F000355892_F39_150_RVB



IMG_8463   IMG_8472 IMG_8480   IMG_8487

#451 Tribale  |  #553 Smile  |  #561 Wonderful  |  #976 Be Dior

The texture feels very soft and nourishing on the lips, it almost feels like a tinted lip balm. The #553 and #561 look very similar to each other! Number 553 is little a bit lighter and more baby pink while number 561 has a more cooler pink undertone. However, the difference didn’t really show on my complexion. The coverage is very sheer, glossy and light weighted, it also contains tiny glitters in it. The glitters aren’t very obvious in the berry/fuchsia shade. My favourite shade is obviously the fuchsia colour (#976 Be Dior), I love how it freshens up my face. The colour is not too bold nor flashy, it’s just perfect!

I think these new lipsticks are very pretty and girly in a sense. The shades may not be for everyone but the texture is in no doubt, irresistible and addictive!

*Price: $33 each



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