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New in: MAC make-up products

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MAC cosmetics doesn’t ever seem to disappoint me. I’m in LOVE with these products!




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MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner in #WAVELINE

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MAC’s Waveline gel eyeliner has been one
of their permanent products which is
getting repromoted again in several new
collections. The eyeliner has the same
formula as the ”Blacktrack Cream

The application is also very similar to the
backtrack eyeliner, very smooth and build
able. However you do need a good
eyeliner brush to apply any cream
eyeliners with. The shade is a very dark
Navy blue color. The color is definitely
wearable on a regular basis, however I do
wish that the shade would be a bit more
brighter. Overall; beautiful eyeliner!









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MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner in #WAVELINE




I didn’t realize that the primer had glitters in it up until I used it on a man while I was working on a
photo shoot. I covered it up quickly with some compact foundation before he would see it, it was
such a hilarious moment! Every time I use this primer now I get a deja-vu of that guy having glitters
all over his face LOL!!

The glitters can be covered up easily by applying any type of foundation on top of it if you don’t like
the glitters. I like to use this primer mostly on oily skin because it really does controls the oil. The
primer comes in 2 shades;

Radiant Yellow: for deeper skin tones
Radiant Pink: for fair skin tones



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MAC Cream Color Base in #HUSH (Frost)

At first I thought that the shade would be too light for my skin tone but after applying it I
loved it! It looks sooooo glowy that it almost looks wet. The cream color base is very long
lasting too because of it’s creamy texture. You can enhance the glow even more by applying
a shimmery powder on top of it.



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MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in #DARK

The mineralize skin finish powder is GORGEOUS! I’ve been using it ever since I got it. You
probably noticed that the shade is quite dark to cover up my whole face with it. Thats why I’ve
been using it to contour my cheekbones and I-love-it! I think it looks very natural and it gives a soft
contour. By the way It think this is a stunning shade to highlight area’s on the face of dark skinned

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