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La Mer launches a revolutionary serum: ‘The Lifting Contour Serum’

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Sarantis Tsimilimis who’s the skincare expert of La Mer. Along with a few other bloggers we talked about skincare and our personal experiences over a lovely breakfast. We got briefed about the history of La Mer which was so helpful to understand the brand more, and we’ve got to play with the products!



For Najla (14)
The beautiful table set up


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La Mer has came this year with a revolutionary serum focusing on the area’s of the face that are difficult to treat. Against the standards of the skincare industry, La Mer launched a liquidly serum to lift the skin instead of a rich thick cream.

The Lifting Contour Serum

The Lifting Contour Serum
La Mer says; The ‘Lifting Contour Serum’ stimulates the
natural collagen, it defines and re-shapes the contours
of the face.

After using the serum for 4 weeks it leaves the skin more
toned  and lifted with sculpted contours.After using the
serum for 8 weeks it will improve the 
lifting more and
firmness of the skin.









Marine Peptides

What ingredients does this miracle serum contain?

– A cocktail of perennial brown algae from the coastal regions of the North Atlantic
– Copper-rich blue algae
– Marine Peptides
– Sea Kelp



LCS Texture
How to apply:

After you’ve cleansed and toned your skin, apply the serum all over your face, jaw, and neck, then massage it into the skin, starting at your chin. To make sure that the serum absorbs through the pores the best way to apply is by using pressure. When you press on the skin, it slightly stretches, and when you release, it grasps whatever is on the surface. The serum should be applied twice a day.

The serum has been available in the UAE since February 2014 and from March it has been available in the rest of the Gulf region.
Price: 1580 AED


La Mer is also releasing a face mask in May 2014 which I’m sooooo excited about! You just have to apply a small amount of product all over your face, sleep with it, and the next day your skin will be more firm, glowy and tight.


Images from the event:

For Najla (20)
Sarantis teaching us more about the brand

For Najla (2)

For Najla (3)

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