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New Lancome brushes! YAY or NAY?

photo 1
Not everyone knows this but Lancome brushes are pretty amazing (for personal & professional
use). I used the eyeshadow blending brush #06 for years! It’s one of my favorite eyeshadow
blending brushes. It makes the application of the eyeshadow super easy which is perfect for non
skilled make-up lovers.

Lancome recently launched 17 new brushes! 7 face brushes, 9 eye brushes and 1 lip brush!
So far I tried 10 brushes of the new collection and I absolutely love them! There’s not a single
make-up addict that can have enough brushes! Brushes are the key to a beautiful make-up look so
to me it’s very important to have good brushes.

The application of the new Lancome brushes are absolutely stunning! They achieve instant
results, especially the blending brushes! Forget about blending until you can’t lift your hand
anymore if you’ve got Lancome blending brushes!

The only disadvantage of Lancome brushes is that they’re very fragile and they can get ruined
quickly if you don’t take good care of them. Actually all type of brushes have to be taken good
care off but I feel like Lancome brushes need a little bit more care. I usually wash my brushes just
with regular hair shampoo. But I wash the Lancome brushes with baby shampoo mixed with olive
oil to prevent the hair’s losing it’s softness. I don’t wash my Lancome brushes very often because
that can ruin them. That’s how I take care of them!

Check out the new brushes down below! The names of the brushes actually already says what to
use it for.


photo 1

– Foundation brush #2
– Powder & Light Blush Effect brush #3
– Blush brush #6
– Cheek & Contour brush #25


photo 3

– Eyelid & Browbone Shadow brush #11
– Blending Tip Shadow brush #16
– Blending Shadow brush #17
– All Over Shadow brush #22
– Double Ended Liner & Smudge brush #24


photo 2

– Retractable Lip brush #9



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