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New skincare products, which ones are worth buying?

Sometimes it’s so hard finding the perfect products for your skin (I’m sure bazillion women can relate to this). By trying out different skincare products and by keep changing your beauty regime, it can cause terrible break outs. To prevent this from happening its essential to research skincare products before using them. Each skin type has different needs and so here’s a list of what these skincare products offer….




GUERLAIN ”Abeille Royale” Face Treatment Oil  (all skin types)

What is does:
It’s a cooling treatment oil, contains highly concentrated honey extracts. It instantly
promotes firmness when massaged into the skin and it makes the skin toned and
perfectly sculpted. The ”watery oil” and ”non-greasy” texture allows it to be used on it’s
own or under a cream.

How to use:
Take two or three drops on your fingertips, warm it for a few seconds in the palm of the

– For a lifting action, smooth the face along the jaw line towards the ears, from the
cheekbones to the temples and from the centre of the forehead outwards. This massage
drains and smoothes out the skin, encouraging the elimination of toxins.

– For a firming action, place both fists on your cheeks and, using firm circular motions,
move your hands up towards the cheekbones. This technique stimulates the cutaneous
muscles to improve their tone.

Price: $98


GUERLAIN ”Abeille Royale” Repairing Honey Gel Mask  (all skin types)

What is does:
It promotes skin reconstruction, boosts healing and is involved in resculpting the tissue,
which helps to reduce free radicals. The gel textured honey mask leaves the skin
plumped up, smooth, recovers it’s density and appears more nourished after application

The mask contains an extremely strict selection of bee products, including Pure
Ouessant Honey
and Exclusive Royal Jelly, both100% controlled, 100% natural origin
and 100% produced in France for Guerlain.

How to use:
Apply an even layer to the cleansed skin. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes. Finally
massage the excess product into the skin using both hands from the chin to the ears, the
cheekbones to the temples, and from the centre of the forehead outwards.

The lightness of the honey-gel texture allows it to absorb instantly without rinsing it off.
A few smoothing strokes are all that are required for the mask to be fully absorbed and
to deliver a repairing effect. Apply two or three times a week.

Price: $148





CLARINS Shaping Facial Lift Serum  (all skin types but specially formulated for
Asian women)

What it does:
Refines and enhances the face from the front and in profile. Reduces the look of
puffiness and a double chin. It lifts and firms facial contours, redefines features and
reshapes the oval of the face. It moisturises and leaves the skin feeling comfortable. The
combination  of Guarana extracts with Zerumbet Ginger and Kaki encourages the
release of excess fats.

How to use:
For effective results it’s very important to use the serum in the advised way (with every
skincare product by the way)

The method is carried out seated, head down, elbows on the knees, the weight of the
head in the hands. The reason behind this position is because the weight of the head in
the hands allows the needed pressure for the serum to penetrate into the skin.

Price: $80


CLARINS Super Restorative Night Cream (aged skin types, 50+)

What it does:
Its a pigmentation spot correcting which meets the specific needs of skin weakened by hormonal
changes linked to ageing. Nourishes the skin, keeps it moisturised and leaves it looking
radiant. The extract of organic Harungana improves density and reduced the look of
deep wrinkles. It helps the skin to look more toned and lifted.

How to use:
For more effective results it is advised to use the cream in combination with the Super
Restorative Serum
(by Clarins as well). Apply an even layer to the face and neck after
using the Super Restorative Serum and massage it into the skin. This should be used
very evening.

Price: $130





LANCOME ”Visionnaire” Advanced Skin Corrector (all skin types, suitable for
sensitive skin)

What it does:
It’s designed to re-texturize the look of the skin. Refines and corrects the appearance of
wrinkles, pores and uneven skin texture. Makes the skin feel softer and smoother. Skin
texture should appear refined after using it for 4 weeks.

How to use:
Use in the morning and evening as a serum. Apply an even layer on the skin before the

Price: $89


LANCOME ”Visionnaire” Advanced-Multi Correcting Cream

What it does:
According to Lancome it meet’s women’s expectation of the appearance of wrinkles,
radiance and plumpness. By using it regularly day after day, wrinkles appear corrected,
skin texture looks more even, the skin feels plumped with moisture, luminous and
hydrated. The skin feels more supple, soft and smoothed, it catches the light for a
sublime and lasting glow.

How to use:
Use morning and evening after applying the serum.

Price: $92




La Mer The Intensive Revitalizing Mask_small_0

LA MER ”The intensive revitalizing mask” (All skin types)

What it does:
Energizes, plumps and protects the skin. Potent, cell-renewing Miracle Broth™
immerses skin in the healing energies of the sea, helping promote its natural renewal
process. It drenches skin with hydration, helps neutralize free radicals and protects skin
from the invisible signs of aging, fatigue, stress and pollution.
According to La Mer in
just 8 minutes it’ll make the skin look healthy, plump and revitalized.

How to use:
This mask is incredibly easy to use. Simply apply an even layer to cleansed skin. Leave it
on for 8 minutes, finally wipe away any excess product with a tissue. For the best results,
use the mask with a moisturiser by the same brand. The mask can be used on a daily

Price: $160



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