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On my wish list!



My wish list includes over a thousand products, tools, lashes and many more! Obviously
that’s way too much to share, here are some of the products that are on top of my  wish list!  





Sigma Beauty ”Lip Concealer”

I have to credit one of my clients for introducing me to Sigma’s ”Lip Concealer”. It
basically neutralises the natural lip colour to ensure the lipstick of choice will be true to
colour after applying it… Sounds like a must have!

Price: $15,-  |  55,- AED




Ardell Lashes

”Ardell Lashes” has so much choice in lashes! There are specific lashes for small,
medium, large, round, almond and deep set eyes. There’s so much choice in individual,
natural and dramatic lashes. I’ve never tried them before but I heard so many positive
feedback about it. Looks like I need to stock up on ”Ardell lashes”!

Price: Varies between $10 & $15  |  35,- & 55,- AED



Three Cosmetics

It’s so hard to keep up with new make-up brands. Nowadays almost everyday a new
cosmetic brand pops up. I found out about this brand when a few Thai beauty blogs I
follow, started to post about this brand. From what I could understand from their
website, ”Three Cosmetics” originates from Japan and both of their skincare and make-
up products contain Organic Botanical Oils. The packaging looks super sleek and
sophisticated, I really wonder what the quality is like.

Price: Unkown





Anastasia Beverly Hills ”Dipbrow Pomade”

The ”Dipbrow Pomade” is a waterproof brow colour which seems to be perfect for
sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows. The brand claims that it’s a
must-have for oily skin and humid climates. At the moment I’m using MAKE UP FOR
”Aqua Brow” which seems a bit similar to these ”Pomades”. I’m very satisfied
with what I’m using at the moment, although I’m very curious to give these ”Pomades” a
try and compare the two. The ”Dipbrow Pomade” comes in 8 shades.

Price: $18,-  |  65,- AED



Zoeva Brushes ‘Rose Golden Luxury Set”

Zoeva is a cosmetic brand that originates from Germany. They’re mostly famous for
their brushes, including vegan brushes! I’m obsessed with their ”Rose Golden Luxury
! I have no idea how good the quality of the brushes are but the design is reason
enough to add them to my kit!

Price: 58,- EUR  |  $80,-  |  290,- AED


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