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On my wish list!

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As a make-up addict, there’s always something I want whether they’re products or make-up tools.
So I have decided to share on my blog whatever is on my wish list!





palette   35-well-pro-palette-empty-300x300

Empty lipstick palettes

This palette is so efficient if you’ve got hundreds of lipsticks like I do. You basically just melt the
lipstick and pour it into the palette. It saves you a lot of space and it’s easy to work with. You only
have to open the palette and all the shades are layer out instead of opening every lipstick tube to
see with shade it is. I need this NOW!!





zebra-large-eyeshadow-palette    zebra-large-eyeshadow-palettwefe
black-extra-large-paletteer black-extra-large-palette
Z Palette

Ok the Z Palette is something I really, really need and want! It works exactly the same like the lip
palette but instead you place eyeshadow’s or blushes inside the palette. 






Mixing Palettes

I usually mix make-up on my hand which isn’t always the greatest idea. Especially when I’m using
waterproof make-up or products that leave a stain so these palettes are perfect! They come in
different shapes and sizes. The heart shaped palettes are super cute!





pro black silver


When I was in Amsterdam last year I could get the ZUCA bag for a very good price with my MAC
pro card at the Pro store. I went to the MAC store 3 days in a row deciding whether or not I should
buy it. I ended up not buying it because I need 4 ZUCA bags for the amount of make-up I carry
with me when I’m working (I like to be prepared so I carry A LOT with me). But I realized now that I
might need it when I don’t have to bring much make-up with me on set, for example if I have to
groom male models. Also the make-up trolley I’m using now is soooo heavy while the ZUCA bag is
super light weighted!






Bobbi Brown Concealer Palette

I just need this palette in my life! It contains literally every shade for every skin tone. Apparently
they get sold out in no time and there’s a waiting list for 1 year! Let’s just pray I can get my hands
on this palette one day!..





Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

I’ve seen amazing reviews of this contour palette. Apparently it’s amazing to contour and highlight
with and there’s a shade for every skin tone…! 


  1. Hayet MUA says

    I didn’t even know that there’s an empty palette for lipsticks LOL!
    Where can I find that palette in Dubai?

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