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PIC TUTORIAL: Get the perfect winged eyeliner in 6 steps!


It’s not easy for everyone to create a winged eyeliner. This has to do with the tools your are using and
with the shape of the eye. With the help of a Pic Tutorial, I will show you the easiest way to create a
winged eyeliner that suits everyone’s eye shape!


Step 1

Start by drawing a thin line along your top lash line. There aren’t many eyeliners that have an easy
brush to work with. I recommend to use an eyeliner brush. With an eyeliner brush, you’ve got more
control when drawing the eyeliner. The brush is also very pointy which makes it easy to create very
sharp wings.

I dip the eyeliner brush in water and then in black eyeshadow. The reason why I use eyeshadow is
because you can easily remove it with a wet Q-tip and it doesn’t smudge.


Step 2

Draw a diagonal line starting from the outer corner of your eye.

Every person has a different eye shape so for one person it’s super easy to create a winged eyeliner
and for the other it isn’t. This has to do with the crease. If you have a deep crease it can be very
tricky to create an eyeliner because if your close you eyes, the eyeliner looks nice but once you
open your eyes, it looks like the wing has been cut off. That’s why you should always start the wing
at the outer corner, this way you will still see the wing even when your eyes are open.


Step 3

Finish the shape of the eyeliner and connect the lines at the end of the wing.


Step 4
Fill in the eyeliner. Once the shape is finished and filled in, you can make it thicker and extend the
wing if you want.


Step 5
Apply a thin line along your lower lash line and connect the lines together at the outer corner of
your eye.


Step 6
Apply a liquid eyeliner all over the ‘black eyeshadow winged eyeliner’. Because the eyeliner is
already shaped, you can easily go over it with your liquid eyeliner and just follow the shape of it.
This will intensify the black shade and it’ll be long-lasting.


To finish it off, apply mascara and lashes if you want. That’s it! Wasn’t that super easy?


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