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PIC TUTORIAL: How to get sharp eyebrows in 5 steps

Sharpening your eyebrows can be really hard sometimes if you’re not using the right tools. You also
have to know what eyebrow shape suits you best, you can do this by trying out different shapes on

Here’s a pic tutorial on how to shape & sharpen your eyebrows in 5 steps:

Step 1. Tweeze/Wax

Make sure your eyebrows are tweezed or waxed.


Tip: You can use a comb brush to cut off the standing hairs easily.

Step 2. Concealer

Apply concealer on your brow bone. Use a shade that’s 1 or 2 shades lighter than the concealer
you’re using under your eyes.


Blend out the concealer using a flat brush or your fingertips.

Tip: Prime your eyelids first before applying the concealer, especially if you’re planning to wear

Step 3. Shape

Brush your eyebrow hairs upwards, this way you can easily shape them from underneath. Use a
very sharp flat angled brush to fill in your eyebrows. To fill in the eyebrows I like to use a matte
eyeshadow mixed with water.

The ‘Aqua Brow’ by MAKE UP FOR EVER is also great to use! I usually use it when I’m having a
beach/pool day because it’s waterproof and very long-lasting.


Start by creating a sharp line right under the eyebrow. The texture of the product you’re using
should be liquidly.


Brush your eyebrows in their natural direction.


Finish the rest of the shape from the middle of the eyebrow until the arch and then connect the
lines at the end of the eyebrow.

Tip: Don’t use a pencil to shape your eyebrows, it’ll make it harder to sharpen them.

Step 4. Fill in

As you can see, I don’t have any hair’s on the arch of my eyebrow so I have to fill it in. If you also
have gaps on any part of the eyebrow make sure to fill them in.


Finally fill in the beginning of the eyebrows. You don’t wan’t the beginning of your eyebrows to be
too dark because it can create an angry face expression. Wipe off your brush on a tissue to
remove the accessed amount of product .

Fill in the beginning of your eyebrows with the product that’s left on the brush.

Step 5. Finish off

Finish it off by using an eyebrow wax. The eyebrow wax will keep your eyebrow hair’s in place all
day long.


et Voila!… I hope this Pic Tutorial was helpful to you guys. Good luck!

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