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Pretty pastel nail colors for spring

Whenever I think of spring colors,  I always think of pastel colors for some reason. I also usually tend to go for pastel nail colors during spring even though I’m not even a pastel kinda girl. I recently did some spring cleaning and I gathered all my pastel nail colors and kept those that I still love to wear. Below you’ll find all my favorite pastel nail colors that I usually wearing during spring.

Baby pink
Lauren b. #City Of Angels  // Dior #155 Tra-la-la  //  Sally Hansen #523 Aflorable


Mint green
Sally Hansen #672 Jaded  // Dior #302 Garden  //  OPI #This Cost Me A Mint


Soft yellow
Dior #319 Sunwashed  // LYN #401 Butter Me Up!


Baby blue
LYN #800 You’re Blue-tiful  // Essie #Meet The Parents  //  LYN #600 Mint For Each Other





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