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Bobbi Brown launches yummy lip pencils: ”Art Sticks”


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Bobbi Brown has added ”Art Sticks” lipstick pencils to their collection varying from sheer/glossy
creamy pigmented shades… yumm!





Swatches from top: Cherrywood, Cassis and Rose Brown

The creamy texture literally glides on my lips when applying it and the vibrant color from just 1
swipe is super impressive! The ”Art Sticks” come with a fitted sharpener. The Cassis and Rose
shade offer a full coverage while the Cherrywood is a bit sheer and glossier. However the

shade can be built up for a more intense finish.


I wore the ”Art Sticks” through out the entire day and it kept my lips soft and moisturized. After
about 6 hours (which is super long for lipstick pencils) I had to touch up the lips because the color
started fading away. The ”Art Sticks” don’t leave a stain at all even after removing it when it’s been
freshly applied.



Bobbi Brown ”Art Sticks” comes in 8 different shades (from left to right):
Cassis, Cherrywood, Rose Brown, Harlow Red, Sunset Orange, Bright Raspberry, Electric Pink,
Dusty Pink 

Price: 155,- AED (each)


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Cherrywood is my favorite shade! I like to keep my eye make-up simple when wearing this shade.
Which one is your favorite?



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