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Review: CHANEL Eau Tendre Limited Edition

CHANEL has recently launched a limited edition line of three new body beauty products that’s all
about sparkle and shine… Yayy!



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Eau de Toilette Spray

A young, light, feminine, subtly sensual fragrance with a note of freshness… That’s how I would
describe the smell of this toilette spray! Chance Eau Tendre by CHANEL is a cloud of fruity and
floral scents that contains; grapefruit-quince accord, jasmine absolute and a white musk note. To
me it’s the perfect scent to wear during the spring and summer!

Price: $115 (150 ml)
595,- AED




Eau Fraiche
Shimmering Touch (limited edition)

The shimmering touch is a body gel that comes with (of course) green shimmers. It has a fragrant
note of sparkling freshness in a light gel formula which glides on the skin. The gel can be applied
on the décolleté, the shoulders and any body part you would like to highlight!

Price: $50
275,- AED




CHANCE Eau Tendre
Shimmering Powdered Perfume (limited edition)

The shimmering powder is a powdered perfume with a floral and feminine scent. Even though this
powder feels soooo light weighted, it still offers a very vibrant scent on the skin!

The powder has beautiful shimmers in it which gives a beautiful glow on the skin and it comes with
a soft puff. The best way to apply is by dabbing on the skin with the puff. However I prefer to
apply the shimmering powder right after I applied the body cream (see below) so that it sticks
better to the skin. It’s great for those who are looking to swap their sticky body glitter for some
lightweight, subtle illumination!

Price: $50
330,- AED




Shimmering Body Cream (limited edition)

I LOVE to pamper myself, so having a nice body cream is very essential to me. This body cream
has a rich and silky texture of floral sensuality and it hydrates the skin. My skin doesn’t feel sticky
after applying the cream and the smell lasts for so long! The cream also has very tiny pink
shimmers in it. Spraying perfume is not necessary after using the cream for those who want to
wear something light weighted.

Price: $75
385,- AED

Available at all CHANEL counters across the Middle East.



  1. Maryam K. says

    dear Najla, can you please tell us the prices in dirhams of the products?

    Maryam from dubai. xx

  2. Diana Zaki says

    Such a nice blog post. Your pictures always look very professional and clean. Great information as well about the products. I’m looking forward to trying them out 🙂

  3. Hind Choueri says

    Woww love it! The pictures look very beautiful. Nice post as alwaysssss <3

    Much love from Tunisia <3 <3 <3

    xx Hind

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