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Review | Clarins Be Long Mascara

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Hey Guys! First of all I would like to apologize for not posting that many blog posts lately. I have
been extremely busy with work and I was so exhausted! I have a lot of new products to share and
exciting competitions are coming up to make it up to you all! 🙂

For now I would like to share my opinion about the new ”Be Long Mascara” by Clarins!


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#01 Intense Black

I’m totally in love with this mascara! I love the way it stretches, grabs and defines the lashes.
Because of the small brush, it’s easy reach the shortest hairs. I noticed that when I applied a single
coat, my lashes looked super natural as if I wasn’t wearing mascara! In the pictures I’m wearing a
double coat. The brush picks up a perfect amount of product without having to remove any excess.
The brush also coats the lashes individually from base to tip and combs through the hairs without


And if that wasn’t enough, the mascara’s ‘Be Long Complex’ a formula that stimulates the lash
growth over time!

The ‘Be Long Lash Complex’ is a combination of 2 active ingredients:
Matrikine; a peptide that enhances lash growth day after day.
Panthenol; helps strenghten lashes.

I haven’t seen a difference yet in the growth of my lashes because I started using this mascara just
recently. Once I notice a difference in the length of my lashes, you will be the first one to know! 🙂


photo 5    photo 2
#02 Intense Brown

You can clearly see in the pictures that this mascara gives an amazing definition and length. Plus it
provides a conditioning treatment for my lashes and stimulates the growth all at the same time…
Thumbs up for the Be Long Mascara!

Price: $25




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