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Review: Clarins ‘Extra Comfort Foundation’ & ‘Instant Concealer’

I’ve always been a great fan of Clarins, whether it’s make-up or skincare products. I love the fact that their make-up products are always nourishing, not harmful and actually very healthy for the skin. This week I tried their new ‘Instant Concealer’ and ‘Extra-comfort Foundation’.


I’m very excited about this concealer because it really corrects the skintone of the dark circles under your eyes! Usually make-up artists have different techniques of covering the dark circles for example by using a skin corrector first and on top of that a concealer. Not everyone is familiar with this technique so this concealer offers it all in one.


photo 1
Clarins ”Instant Concealer” in #02

IMG_6390  IMG_6392
Before                                                                   After

I’m really stunned by the before and after pictures, the concealer makes a HUGE difference! It’s a miracle in a tube! The concealer offers a medium to full coverage. Not only does it covers the dark circles, it also brightens the skin and it’s super long lasting! It has a soft and creamy texture and it kind of feels like mousse.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a good concealer and I’m so glad that I tried this one. It’s definitely one of my favorite concealers at the moment!!



photo 5
Clarins ”Extra-comfort (anti-aging) foundation” in #105 Nude

The Extra-Comfort Foundation contains many natural ingredients such as Organic Argan Oil, Antsemby plant extract (a high-tech anti-aging ingredient) and it’s rich in omega-9 to protect the skin from dehydration. Not to forget that it protects your skin from the sun as well with SPF 15!


Personally, I think that this foundation shade was too light for me so I didn’t apply that much otherwise I would’ve looked super pale! Even though I didn’t use that much product, it still gave me a medium coverage. If it would be a darker shade, I would apply a thicker layer to get a full

It felt very light weighted on my skin and it lasted for about 6 hours until my skin became a bit shiny (please note that I didn’t use any loose powder!). It didn’t smudge or crease, the foundation really sticked to my skin which is a very good thing 😉

The Extra-Comfort foundation is available in 9 shades in the UAE market:
– #103 Ivory
– #105 Nude
– #107 Beige
– #108 Sand
– #109 Wheat
– #110 Honey
– #112 Amber
– #113 Chestnut
– #114 Cappuccino


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