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Review | Crimson Cream Rouge by Besame


Besame’s ‘Cream Rouge’ is a 2 in 1 product. This gorgeous ‘Cream Rouge’ can be used as a blusher and
as a lip stain. It has a very warm yet bright red color and it’s very long lasting.

photo 3

The packaging is really vintage and it kinda reminds me of the Moulin Rouge! It’s very light weighted so
you can carry it in your purse.

photo 1

The ‘Cream Rouge’ gives you beautiful, natural, healthy, glowy cheeks. For even more natural looking
cheeks you can apply the ‘Cream Rouge’ underneath the foundation. The color is super high pigmented.
When applying it, use a very small amount and little by little you can build the color up.

After applying it on your lips, you can add a gloss on top of it. You don’t really need a brush to apply it,
you can just use your finger tips.

Not only is the ‘Cream Rouge’ gorgeous, it’s also beneficial to your skin. The ‘Cream Rouge’ contains
many natural ingredients such as;
– Aloe vera
– Ginseng
– Olive oil
– Green tea
– Jojoba oil
– Rose waxes
– Lavender flower extract
– Avocado oil

photo 2

… I’m loving it!

The ‘Cream Rouge’ by Besame is available at the BACKSTAGE boutique in Dubai!

Backstage Shop 21,Ground Floor, The Village,
Jumeirah 1 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
T: +971 4 385 5500
F: +971 4 385 5505
E: [email protected]

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