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Serious eye candy for a make-up addict! New products by Guerlain

Guerlain has released some STUNNING new products which I will talk about in my next upcoming blog posts. But can we just talk about this gorgeous lipstick?!



IMG_9665 IMG_9667

Guerlain ‘Rouge Automatique’ in #172 White Rose

I just love nude lipsticks so this shade is more than perfect for me! The texture is so creamy, it almost feels like a lip balm. As you can see in the picture, the lipstick doesn’t offer a full coverage it’s quite sheer. But what it does offer is a beautiful highlight on the lips which gives it a plump. The finishing is a bit shiny and it makes my lips look pretty smooth and hydrated. For something so moisturizing, the lipstick doesn’t bleed and it lasts quite a while.

The packaging of the lipstick is quite different. You slide the button on the case up, which flips open the top of the lipstick and raises the lipstick up.



Guerlain ‘Les Voilettes’ in #3 Medium

The Les Voilettes is a mineral loose powder that mattifies the skin. It softens the lines and it looks extremely natural on the skin. It also gives a beautiful glow. As many other loose powders it doesn’t offer any coverage. It’s strongly scented so if you don’t like fragrance in make-up than you probably wont’ like this product.

The packaging itself looks super luxurious and it’s quite big. It’s not a product that’s suitable to travel with but it certainly adds a bit of fancy-ness to my make-up table 😉


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