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Review: Joelle Mardinian’s skincare line

She’s not being called the ”Beauty Queen of the Middle East” for nothing. After having many beauty salon branches across the Middle East she also opened a Clinic not too long ago in Dubai, not to mention her successful make-over show on MBC, Joelle Mardinian has recently also launched an entire skin care line! This woman doesn’t seem to surprise me anymore!

After trying out the shampoo, mask and serum from Joelle’s new hair line which I was super impressed by (yes, she has an entire hair product line too!) I couldn’t wait to try out the skincare products. The line contains 5 products; face wash, moisturizer, sunblock, eye cream and a night cream. All five products are suitable for all skin types.


Ever since I came back from holiday my skin started breaking out insanely! I’m not sure what it has to do with exactly, probably with the climate changing. I tried to save my skin by going back to my daily skincare routine which I wasn’t during my vacay.. It didn’t work! Then I decided to try out Joelle’s skincare products for a week straight in the hope that it would save my skin. Plus I wanted to review them any way’s so it was the perfect timing. After using the products (for a week ONLY!!) I have to say the products have really saved my skin! My skin is still in the process of recovering but the products have made a HUGE difference and my skin is improving each day!



The WASH AWAY product is a mousse wash with a foamy texture to cleanse the face. It feels super light and very refreshing on the skin. Just one or pump is more then enough to wash your face and neck. You can use the product up to 3 times a day. It leaves my skin glowy after using the foam wash. On a hot day I really enjoy washing my face with this product and rinse it of with cold water.. Super refreshing!

Price: 95,- AED


I really love this product! When I first tried out the day cream/moisturizer on my hand I was afraid that it would be too thick for my oily skin. After using it on my face it felt quite light  weighted and most importantly my skin got a beautiful glow instead of oily. Right after applying it on my face I felt a light tingling on my skin. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, it’s just rare for a face moisturizer I guess that means it doing it’s work lol!

Price: 250,- AED


The GOOD DAY product is a sunblock to use after the RESCUE ME moisturizer. I know Joelle is addicted to sunblocks so it’s only natural for her to add a sun protection to the skin care line. I already admitted in a few posts in the past that I don’t wear sunblock all the time. One of the reasons is because I hate the texture of it! I’ve tried many different ones and they all don’t really different from each other. They always makes my skin look white and it clogs my pores. So I think I’ve found my favorite sunblock now!

I’m not saying this just because I love Joelle but because it’s the truth, this sunblock is tha bomb! It’s light weighted, it blends easily on my skin, doesn’t make my face look white at all and just a small amount is enough to cover up my face. It’s SPF 50, high enough to protect your skin from the sun no matter in which part of the world you are. I guess I’ll be protecting my skin now from the sun on a daily basis!

Price: 150,- AED


The eye cream felt very moisturizing and soothing around my eyes. I love taking care of the skin around my eyes since that’s the only part on my face where I wear make-up the most. I use one pump only to cover both of my eyes. Usually the formula of eye creams are quite thick and make my eyes feel heavy and tired which I didn’t have with the LOVE EYES cream 🙂

Price: 195,- AED


Felt very nourishing on my skin. The formula isn’t too thick and not too thin either. My skin feels super soft the next morning! What I liked the most about this formula is that my skin really absorbs the product and I don’t end up the next morning with remaining night cream on my face which I then have to wash off.

Price: 190,- AED


Setbox (includes all 5 products)
Price: 700,- AED


To be very honest these products have been more effective then some of the most expensive and biggest skincare brands I’ve used! What I like the most is that the line includes 5 essential products to protect your skin all day long. Whether you’re outside in the sun or whether you’re sleeping. The products may work amazingly for my skin but I think it’s something very personal. I know for a fact that my skin is very stubborn so I’m glad I’ve found skincare products that makes my skin happy 🙂


The ”Joelle Skincare line” products are available at Maison De Joelle branches:

Jumeirah Beach Road
Kempinski Hotel (MOE)
Arabian Centre (Mirdif)

Abu Dhabi
Hilton Grand Capital Hotel

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Olaya Street, Serkon building 14

Doha, Qatar,
Zone 55, street 384


  1. Noor says

    Hi, I really want to buy all 5 products, I live in Australia will you be able to send them to me? Thank u

  2. Nada Khayat says

    Absolutely love the detailed post! Indeed Joelle is such a powerful and inspirational woman!

    Great post keep it up!

    PS: I think I need that foam wash in my life!!

  3. Sarah Abu B. says

    wooowwww I didn’t know joelle has a skin care line. looks amaaaazing!!!

  4. Rabia phouya says

    Love the very detailed information about the products. Joelle doesn’t seem to surprise me either heheh! lovely post

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