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Review Lancome ”In Love” Lipgloss + Lipstick

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What I love about this lipgloss is that the color stains on your lips after the gloss disappears. Just
apply 2 coats and you have the perfect colorful/glossy pout! The gloss isn’t super-sticky and
although they look like glitter bombs in the tubes, the silver shimmer is soft and subtle.

The IN LOVE lip glosses have a push button so that you don’t have to twist it open, this way the
gloss won’t seep out of the cap when you twist it.


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This IN LOVE Rouge lipstick is soooo gorgeous! I love how bright pink this shade is, it looks
stunning if you got a nice tan.

The lipstick has a very creamy almost balm like texture and it feels very moisturizing on the lips!
Even though the shade looks very bright, it delivers a beautiful soft touch of colour. Once the
lipstick dries out on my lips it remains as a lip stain. The lipstick lasted on my lips for about 4 hours.



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