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It’s finally here! Louboutin Lipsticks

The long awaited Louboutin lipsticks have finally launched globally and recently in Dubai as well, starting from September 13th. This makes it Christian Louboutin’s 2nd beauty launch after the launch of the nail lacquers last year. Obviously the first shade comes in the iconic ”Rouge Louboutin” which is also the exact same shade as the red Louboutin soles.

IMG_8548 IMG_8550

The lipstick collection is available in 38 shades in total. Each shade is available in 3 textures; Velvet Matte, Sheer Voile and Silky Satin. The ”Rouge Louboutin” shade is the only shade that comes in a black packaging. The rest of the shades all come in a gold packaging. The ”Rouge Louboutin” is also the exact same red shade as the sole of Louboutin shoes as well as the first Louboutin nail lacquer. The rest of the shades are inspired by Louboutin shoes and bags.

The lipsticks are almost double the price of the Louboutin nail colours (Lipstick: 440 AED, Nail lacquer: 260 AED). It’s definitely pricey but I have to say, if you love luxury and make-up, then this is the ultimate treat for yourself.

IMG_8556 IMG_8586The packaging of the lipsticks is inspired by ancient Egypt and Ali Baba’s treasure in particular. The timeless beauty of Cleopatra has also played a huge role in the design of these lipsticks..




The lipsticks come in three textures:

Velvet Matte  //  Highly pigmented, Offers a full matte texture, keeps the lips moisturised and doesn’t dry out, dries down into a lip stain.
Longevity: 6/7 hours
*Available in 9 shades

Sheer Voile  //  Offers a sheer coverage and luminous shine.
Longevity: 4 hours
*Available in 9 shades

Silky Satin  //  Highly, HIGHLY pigmented, dries down into a lip stain.
Longevity: 6/7 hours
*Available in 20 shades

All three textures are super beautiful but the matte and silky satin formulas are my favourite ones. They offer a very rich red hue, it’s such a stunning red colour! I personally feel like the red shade isn’t too orange nor too cold… It’s a shade that can be worn by many different complexions.

The Louboutin Lipsticks are available at Level Shoe District (in Dubai mall) from September 13th 2015.

Available at the Christian Louboutin Boutique in The Avenues mall from October 2015 onwards.

*Price each: 440 AED  /  $90  /  €80  /  £60






  1. They are cheaper when ordered online. I bought mine from the saks fifth avenue website and got them in less than 5 days with free shipping.

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