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Review M.A.C cosmetics products

M.A.C has always been one of my favorite make-up brands. The quality of the products are really good and as a make-up artist that’s really important. Not only are M.A.C products great for make-up artist’s to work with but also for personal use. Find my opinion about the products and the swatches down below!


M.A.C lipsticks in ‘Freckletone’ and ‘Film Noir’


IMG_3451         IMG_3471
Freckletone                                                              Film Noir

Freckletone: This lipstick is a nude/orangy shade and it’s perfect for during the day. It doesn’t have any shimmer in it and it’s glossy.

Film Noir: I would describe this shade as; dark brown (almost black) with a tiny bit of burgundy. I’m madly in love with this lipstick! Not many people dare to wear a shade like this but if you do then you ROCK! Because it’s going to be a HUGE trend next season 😉

Also it’s super easily to remove. Most dark lipsticks stain a little on the lips after removing it, but this one doesn’t stain at all!


M.A.C Pro long wear foundation #NC30

The coverage of this foundation is amazing! It feels super light on the skin and most importantly it has SPF in it! Perfect to use at day and night. I used this foundation a couple times now and I only needed 1 or 2 pumps to cover my whole face.. and neck!


M.A.C Cream Color Base in ‘Improper Copper’


If you’re looking for a product that gives you that glow into your face + healthy color on your cheeks than this product is perfect for you!

I usually apply the ‘Cream Color Base’ on my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks and I love it!


M.A.C Bronzing powder in ‘Bronze’


As you can see in the picture, this bronze is matte and the color isn’t very dark just medium. If you’ve got an oily skin + open pores (like me) never EVER use shimmery bronzers because it will only make your skin look more oily and accentuates the open pores. This will be the right bronzer for you to use. Also if you’re light skinned I would recommend this bronzer. I usually use this bronze when I’m not tanned. It gives me the exact bronzy cheeks I want, not too dark, not too light.


M.A.C Powder Blush in ‘Melba’ (matte)


This powder blush in ‘Melba’ is a cute color if you would like to have healthy looking cheeks.


M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in ‘Medium’


This mineralize skinfinish is basically a translucent compact powder just to mattify your skin. It doesn’t cover, so I would recommend you to use it on top of you foundation. It’s really perfect to carry in your purse if you need to mattify your skin from time to time (especially during summer days).


M.A.C False Lashes Waterproof Mascara in ‘Stay Black’

IMG_3535      IMG_3541
Before                                                                     After

Naturally I’ve got very short lashes. My bottom lashes are longer than my top lashes (I know right, very weird). When it comes to my top lashes I don’t even bother anymore I just wear false lashes, but I actually really like my lashes now after applying this mascara.

It separates the lashes nicely, it gives you volume and it creates amazing length to my lashes! Plus it’s waterproof! Great for summer 😉


M.A.C Select Moisture Cover #NW35


The ‘Select Moisture Cover’ is a liquid concealer which you can blend nicely into the skin for a natural look. You can layer it up for more cover.

I really love this concealer! Most liquid concealers don’t cover very well but this one does. It doesn’t look cakey at all! It looks super natural and it feel very light on the skin. Thumbs up for this concealer!

M.A.C Eyepencil in ‘Coffee’


The shade of this eye pencil is very dark brown! If black is too dark for you then this shade would be nice. You can apply a very thin layer if you want the shade to be lighter.


M.A.C Eyebrows pencil in ‘Lingering’


This eyebrow pencil is super thin which makes it easier to reach the small parts of your eyebrows to fill them in. This shade is great if you’re blonde, or if you just want the colour of your eyebrows to be light. You can apply a thin layer, or a thick layer to make it look darker.