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Review: MAC huggable lipcolor

You know you’re a make-up junkie when your heart pounds when trying out new products. That’s exactly how I felt when I tried out these new MAC lipsticks for the first time.. OMG! Super pretty! From the sleek packaging to the product itself! Side note, can we all agree that MAC should keep this packaging for all of their lipsticks? So much better and more sophisticated than the current packaging. Now with our further due, let’s talk about these lipsticks…

IMG_7406  IMG_7411IMG_7431IMG_7743  IMG_7738
#I’m Game                                                        #Soft Talkin’

Leave it to MAC to create the perfect nude lipstick, only downside? Their best nudes are always a limited edition!! 🙁 This nude shade in particular looks so good on it’s own or combined with a rose brown lipliner! The texture and finishing is really a mix of a lip balm, lipgloss and lipstick. It has the finishing of a gloss, pigmentation of a lipstick and it’s moisturising like a balm.

Usually I’m not really a big fan of flashy pink lip colours, luckily this shade is on the edge of not being too bright yet. It has a softness and innocence to it. The colour also looks great combined with a berry lipliner or on it’s own with an extremely highlighted cupid’s bow… Perfect for Summer!

The images really don’t do justice of how pretty these lipsticks are. If you’re a make-up junkie like me, I definitely recommend you to try these lipsticks out before they run out. Thumbs up to MAC on this launch!



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