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MAC x Cinderella | Review & Swatches

This collection hasn’t stayed unnoticed ever since MAC has announced to launch a collection inspired by Disney character; Cinderella. I can’t remember the last time when I really, really liked the full limited edition collection by MAC. There always a few products that do better than others, but this entire collection is just WOW! I loveeee the fact that they’ve launched these eye glosses, it makes this collection very different and unique from the previous ones. The blue packaging however is not really my cup of tea but hey, it’s a Disney collection after all…



M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection


M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection  //  Iridescent Powder in #Coupe D’Chic


The name of the product says it all; iridescent powder. It’s described as a light golden peach blush with gold shimmers, it contains A LOT of shimmers and it’s very sparkly. Personally I wouldn’t use it on the apples of my cheeks because of my gigantic open pores and we all know how shimmers accentuate that even more. So the powder is a bit too shimmery for me. If you don’t suffer from open pores it’s a beautiful product to use as a blush or even as a highlighter!

*Retails for: 147 AED  /  $28


M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection  //  Eyeshadow Palette x6 in #Stroke of Midnight


Vapour  |  Phloof!  |  Omega  |  Quarry  |  Satin Taupe  |  Stroke of Midnight

One of the prettiest eyeshadow palettes from MAC that I’ve seen in a while. You guys know I’m a neutral palette kinda girl so these shades are definitely worth trying if you love neutral shades. The palette features 6 neutral shades varying from matte to frosted finishes. Only one shade is a limited edition (Stroke of Midnight) and the rest are permanent shades. The eyeshadows are easy to blend, build able and highly pigmented (even the lightest shades).

*Retails for: 352 AED  /  $44


M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection  //  Eye Gloss in #Lightly Tauped

This eye gloss got me super excited for this collection to launch! As a make-up artist I LOVE to create glossy eye looks, it’s my favourite kind of beauty/editorial look. I usually just mix Vaseline with a translucent lipgloss in order to get that glossy effect, so it’s nice to finally have a product that’s designed especially to create a glossy effect. The shade is described as a light beige with blue pearls..

From experience I know that wearing a glossy eye look doesn’t feel comfortable at all, no matter what kind of gloss you’re using. It makes the lids stick to each other which causes you to blink continuously… It really depends what kind of make-up looks you’re into but I personally prefer to use these glosses on set only.

*Retails for: 148 AED  /  $23



IMG_3548Swatches MAC x Cinderella Lipstick & Lipglass

M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection  //  Lipstick in #Royal Ball


To be fairly honest, the images really don’t do justice of how pretty this lipstick is in real life! I’m convinced  that this lipstick is going to become one of my fave’s so I definitely need to stock up on these while it’s available (before I regret it). This particular shade has a lustre and frosted finish, the shade is described as a fleshy pink.

*Retails for: 113 AED  /  $17,50


M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection  //  Lipglass in #Happily Ever After


The lip glass is described as a cool milky pink with blue pearls. It’s a beautiful lipgloss however I do wish that it would be a bit more milky than it is now since I’ve got quite dark lips naturally. The blue pearls create that stunning iridescent effect and it’s super sparkly, love it!

*Retails for: 98 AED  /  $16,50


M.A.C. x Cinderella Collection  //  Lipstick + Lipglass

As I’ve mentioned before, the images don’t do justice of how pretty these 2 lip products are. In this picture I’m wearing the lipstick and lip glass on top and it creates the most beautiful nude yet glossy effect.


The MAC x Cinderella collection has been available since mid March 2015 for a limited period. Each product is available in two shades, except for the eyeshadow palette.



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