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Review | Max Factor CC cream

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Max Factor has launched this summer a CC cream. A CC cream is basically a ”colour correcting
cream” that corrects any discoloration you have in your skin tone.


I’m sure you all know the color corrector palette where green covers redness, purple covers
yellowness in the skin etc, etc. The CC cream offers all these color correctors and it comes in
skin tones which makes it a foundation and color corrector in one.

Facts about the Max Factor CC cream:
– Corrects imperfections
– Hydrates & moisturises
– Contains antioxidants

photo 1

Max Factor CC cream in #85 Bronze & #60 Medium

The CC cream has SPF 10 in it and it comes in 5 different shades;
– 40 Fair
– 50 Natural
– 60 Medium
– 75 Tanned
– 85 Bronze

I wouldn’t compare it with a BB cream as the CC cream is more like a foundation unlike a BB
cream which is more like a tinted moisturizer. It covers up uneven skin tones and It’s light weighted
and you can even wear it under your eyes as a concealer. The more coverage you want, the more
layers you should apply.

photo 2  photo 3

You can instantly see how the CC cream brightens up my skin. I used both shades (#60 + #85)
for my face and I’ve applied a tiny bit on my neck as well. Under my eyes I only used #60 Medium.
Personally, I would apply a little bit more concealer under my eyes to cover up the bags but this
is something personal. I’ve only applied 1 layer and I’m really enjoying the coverage of it. I LOVE
how the shade blends in with my skin tone!!

I think it’s a great product to have so thumbs up for the Max Factor CC cream!

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