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Review | MAX FACTOR ‘Colour Elixir Giant Sticks’

Max Factor has recently launched giant pen lipsticks! The colors are super gorgeous and very

The ‘Colour Elixir Pen Sticks’ comes in 10 different shades. I tried out 6 shades check out the
swatches down below.


The pencil lipsticks feel very moisturizing on my lips, it almost feels like as if I’m wearing a lip balm.
The lipsticks have a light coverage and they’re glossy. The weight of it is super light! I caught
myself a couple of times smudging the lipsticks just because I forgot that I was wearing lipstick.

Because of the pencil shape you’ve got more control when applying and you can easily line the
lips. The more layers you’re applying, the higher pigmented the color gets.

My favorite shades are #10 and #15. What’s your favorite shade?

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