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Review: MICHAEL KORS Beauty

When I look at this collection, the only thing that pops up on my mind is GLAM! The packaging really stand for Michael Kors’ style. The line as been created in three moods: Sporty, Sexy/Stylish and Glam. In each, you’ll find lipsticks, glosses, fragrances, nail polishes and bronzing powders in shades based on the mood of the sub collection.

Michael Kors make-up is available only for a limited time from October 1st until October 15th. The make-up collection will probably be launched permanently in 2015. The perfumes are available permanently across the Middle East.







This shade is described as a gleaming, glossy red with a dash of electric fuchsia. The
Shea butter based lipstick offers a medium coverage and it’s build able to a to full
coverage. The formula feels moisturising on the lips and they glide easily while applying,
an easy-to-wear lipstick. The packaging itself is surprisingly very light weighted.  








This lipgloss gave my lips an instant plump! It has a sheer to medium coverage and it
contains pink shimmers. The shade is described as a blue-based red. The formula is very
thick and creamy, it’s long-lasting and it doesn’t bleed. I LOVE wearing this gloss on top
of a nude pink lipstick for that extra plump and to create juicy lips.







This must have been the prettiest bronzer I’ve ever used. But can we just talk about the
insanely cool, oversized gold packaging!? How fabulous would this look on every make-
up table?! When I tried this bronzer for the first time, one word came up to my mind:
GLOW! This bronzer offers such a beautiful glow to the skin. If you got open pores (like I
do) try to avoid applying the bronzer on those area’s. Because of the frosty finish and
shimmers it will enhance the open pores. For those with a dark complexion (Khaleeji/
Desi/Afro American) this bronzer would look STUNNING on the cheekbones, creating
that ”glowy, tanned” look!

The bronzer comes in 3 shades with an additional ”Bronze Powder Brush”.



MICHAEL KORS Sexy Amber (EDP 50ml)

The new Michael Kors collection of perfumes comes in tall elegant glass bottles. The
clear glass makes the unique color of the fragrance visible for each aroma. It smells
absolutely amazing! A mixture of the soft creamy White Flower and freshness of the
Orange wrapped in musky Sandalwood make the perfect scent for a glamorous night
out. Although I wish it would last a bit longer than it does, it fades away quite fast for an
Eau de Parfum but this really depends on your skin type. 

Top Note        |  White Flower, Orange
Middle Note |  Amber
Base Note      | Sandalwood, Musk 

The collection of fragrances features: Sexy Amber, Glam Jasmine and Sporty Citrus
available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. 



MICHAEL KORS Indulgent Body Creme
This body cream is everything! I can’t get over the amazing smell of it! It offers a smooth
and nourishing skin, blend easily and creates a dewy effect. It’s such a luxurious rich and
thick cream, not to mention the glamorous packaging!

MICHAEL KORS After Sun Gelee
I tried this after sun right after I finished tanning. In all honesty, it didn’t really cool of
my skin or reduced the redness of it. I ended up using another after sun spray to cool my
skin off. Even though it didn’t work for me as an after sun, I love using it as a body
lotion! Smells amazing, doesn’t get sticky and it moisturises my skin 😉


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